Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Letting it out...

Some days you just have to let out all the hurt, frustration, tears that seem never ending.

I find myself depressed more than I'm happy (what a good example of Christ am I)! Days seem never ending, rolling one into another so that I can't tell what end is up.

You can only move forward, but how? How do you move when your stuck? Or feel it anyway.

All I wanted was love, a home, a family of my own... is that really so much to ask for? Guess so... All I've got is being used, can't have a "family" thanks to the one who was supposed to love and take care of me (was lifting to much heavy stuff after my surgery now I can't have kids because of it), and feeling worthless.

Time for a good cry in the shower. Some days I can take it... tonight not so much.