Thursday, April 29, 2010

I think...

My newest addiction is going to be... FLICKR OMSM!!! (for those who don't know that... Oh my sweet magnolia!!!) I'm just adoring it...

So far I've joined a whole 4 groups, all quilting of course... but dog gone if it's just not the bees knees... :) Now I just need to start uploading, getting the email to work right... and so forth and so on.

So yesterday was one of THOSE days... all was going well... and I mean really well... then just seemed as though things fell apart... and so did I. At least in a bad mood kind of way... I mean come on... just because someone is having a bad day doesn't give them the right to take it out on me. Even now it makes me mad... and then in my heat of the moment I took it out on others. It's a nasty circle... So to make me feel better I named a stupid bull after this person. I was trying to move the non brightest crayon in the box over with the milk cows... I opened the gate... HE SAW ME DO IT! I called him in, walked out of the opening... and what does he do??? WALK right on by! And then STANDS at the corner post of the opening growling... STUPID! It took this bright boy 15 minutes to figure out that was able to move from one gate opening to another...

And so I've decided this... ALL of his calves will be sold... I don't care... unless it's a heifer out of a cow who is old OR excellent... otherwise they are gone! Sigh... there is a stupid gene ya know... he's got it big time...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Speeding by...

Like everything else this month just seems to be flying by... Hey off subject, but when did they put that little insert movie tab up there on the tool bar??? Was it there yesterday? Oh well like it really matters, I don't take any video with the P&S camera SO why bother thinking about it?!

Yesterday was a full day, with cloudy skies, blustery winds and a few not so nice words sent into the air over getting the dryer set up. :) And I have a bone to pic with the manufacturers, IF you are spending $$$$ on a dryer the POWER cord should come with it! and a new air vent to boot! Sheesh... How was I supposed to know that I should have gotten one? Maybe it's common knowledge but NOT to me. At least we could just take the old cord and put it on the new, so all's well that ends well. Cloths are dry, fluffy, folded, and for the most part put away.

Hmm what else... OH UL came last evening and got the lean-to cleaned out. I'm not good at maneuvering our tractor around in that long and narrow space. So now it's up to me to get the rest cleaned out... maybe this week end who knows. 

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Long day...

Yesterday was that in a nutshell...

Chores seemed never ending, mom and K. had a chiropractor appointment, laundry (hey I did get one load out and one going!), more chores, ran the check over to the bank, got something for dinner... Red Beans and Rice TODAY for sure, then at some point in the day I thought it would be a good idea after evening chores to go and see if Sears had a clearance/closeout dryer.

You see a few weeks back (has it been a few weeks? I don't remember) ANYWAY, our dryer went to appliance hell heaven... just a short 6 months after spending $95.00 on parts to fix it. Isn't that just life... back to the point, I had called down earlier in the day to see if they had ANY on clearance and what they were... the answer none... I said your sure there are NONE we can bring home today? No I'm sorry, they all need to be ordered. To myself I was thinking... YEAH RIGHT! They ALWAYS have clearance/closeouts/returns so at around 8 mom and I hop in the Yukon and were on the mission of ordering a dryer (does anyone know how fun it is to dry clothes when it's been raining out for days? the house was beginning to look like a Chinese laundry). So we got to the Mall/Sears 15 minutes before closing time, found a dryer that was ON clearance, and wonder of wonders it was in the back of the vehicle 2 minutes after closing. :)

I decided to get the extended warranty on the thing... after all you can get rid of it with in the first year, milk it for all it's worth, call and they will refund you the money. :) Why not I thought. So as I type a dryer is on the property awaiting to be hauled in, set up, and used. Just in time for the storms later this week.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Well it's dawned in the same way it's been all week end. Gloomy, wet, breezy, chilly... On an up note we've been getting some much needed rain.

On another up note, both my sick baby calves are doing much better. :) The one had such a a high temp she is starting to loose her hair. Bless her little heart... but she's alive and so so much better. And so that's all that really matters. Now I only have to wait how many more days for the culture panel to come back? I think it's a week... Whatever this stuff is it packs a punch I can say that.

OH I did manage to get some sewing done! Yippee Skippee for ME! I even ironed my partial blocks... isn't that something... well it is for me. I despise ironing...

Stopped at a green house in the rain on Saturday, $37.05 later... I'm still wondering what it is I bought for that... OH well so it go... I'm hoping the double maroon Columbine I bought will make it. We had the most beautiful deep blue one... it never would winter over.

And so this brings us to the part where I push the Publish Post button and head off for chores in the gloom... :) 

Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm gonna miss that dog...


At least he'll be safe in his new foster home. Off the road, away from crazy neighbors who drive like maniac's, semi's who can't stop, and tractors going way to fast, just so some kids can get a thrill. And I hope he finds a wonderful new family with a fenced in yard out in the North-East, but I'm still going to miss him...

If you want to help by either donating money, time, transporting, or becoming a foster family you can go to the National Great Pyrenees Rescue
This is were our dear Kodie went to start his journey of a forever family.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ear tagging...

It's a simple thing to do... that is IF you can find your tagger and ear tags. All I wanted to get done yesterday was tagging some heifers before turning them out on grass. Did it happen??? HA! yeah right... I couldn't find my brand new tagger and tags. And if you think I was about to go out and buy another new tagger AND ear tags your nuts! But the calves did get turned out...

This just really bugged me as I ALWAYS leave my tagger with the ear tags, on the shelf in the calf/goat barn. Were they there? NO, did they get dropped or tossed on to the ground? NOO... and so they are good and lost. ON an up note... we did find my Z tagger... Now to find a place that sells Z tags, as it would be rather nice to know exactly who is who before I forget. *smile*

Rain on the horizon all... must get to it before it starts... boo hiss boo... I'll not complain to much seeing as we really do need a good rain. Things are getting dry round here...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Busy day...

Yesterday that is... today has yet to start. I'm just sitting here in my jammies, wondering, pondering, sniffling, and being glad yesterday is over.

A lot went on yesterday that's for sure. I finally managed to get the electric fence up so the calves can get out on grass. woo hoo for me!!!! and for them. My two scour babies seem to be holding their own. Which is a good thing.

Over the weekend we had some not so fun stuff come up that didn't get resolved until yesterday. Our milk check was sent out early. I was thrilled until I opened it... granted I knew it wouldn't be good but there was a surprise. It was stamped with a big RED NOT A CHECK DIRECT DEPOSIT... EGADS we didn't have an account where I had sent the form back in DEC. for it to be direct deposited. They couldn't do the direct deposit then because... now get this... the numbers were to small. But this month it was hunky dory?! WHAT THE WHO!?!?!?! I was in a panic all weekend. Thought all was well on Monday, then found out it wasn't at noon and that sent me into another panic. Thankfully all is well no... I hope. Thankfully D. at our co-ops accounting firm is always wonderful to work with and actually understands.

Hmm what else... OH the baby goats are now juvenile delinquents, my babies... I know hard to believe. *smile* They deem it great to eat the roses, baby trees, go in the road, and are just giving us fits all the way around. Not to mention a full grown doe that is nursing her mother and nursing her own baby! This makes me mad... after all it's MY MILK! Not some goat who is bigger than her mother, and still nurses! ARGH!!!!!!

Well it's 7:13... time for me to get in gear and get things going... 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

And so...

Tuesday is beginning... dawning chilly and me wanting to stay in a nice warm bed, wrapped up in my cocoon of blankets all nice and toasty warm. Now to face the masses that are sleeping until I head out the door. Don't you ever wonder how they can hear a pin drop, know it you, start their morning serenade of moos, meows, barking, naaing...

And so... the morning starts... which leads to afternoon, and the final chores for the day... AND FOR TODAY that means.... DEADLIEST CATCH!! WOO HOO!!!!! It's one show I truly enjoy watching. And I don't know why... I just do...

Well must be off, bottles and buckets aren't going to get filled with me sitting here... wish they would... think of the time I would save!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's a little chilly here

Well the weather turned off a little chilly after Friday. Not much rain to speak of, mostly heavy sprinkles. But this AM seems rather chilly if you ask me, and it still does if you don't.

I'm wishing I could just go back to bed and get warm again... but on the flip side I'm glad for the cooler temps. The 80's for April is just a bit much. And so it is time again for chores. One morning once in a great while it would be nice to not have to go out and do my morning chores, just be able to putter and sew... oh well... that ain't gonna happen... sewing will be done during the "free" time. *smile*

And so I leave you with this... 
"The End..."

Friday, April 16, 2010

April Showers...

It seems we will be getting some... when... they don't know... I don't know... who really knows? It was supposed to start last night. Well there's nary a drop, got a text message saying... it was starting tonight rather than last night. And also the temps will be dropping... not so thrilled with that, but highs in the 60's lows in the 40's won't be to bad.

We've been having babies in the form of little brown bovines... and their heifers! WOO HOO!!!! I have got to get them tagged before I forget who is who. And the goats are needing to be worked over also. The following week after next week we'll be working calves.

Not much else is really going on here... slow and steady. Thankfully our milk weights are coming up with the grass that is finally growing. Which reminds me I need to order feed today... should have done it yesterday, but kept forgetting and when I finally remembers it was after hours. oh well...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yogurt Salad Dressing Recipes

Blue Cheese:

2/3 c. plain yogurt
1/4 c. crumbled blue Cheese
1 green onion (with top) chopped
1/2 t. salt
1/8 t. garlic powder

Mix and chill.

Cucumber Dressing:

2/3 c. plain yogurt
1/2 c. chopped cucumber
1 1/2 t. sugar
1 t. prepared horseradish
1/2 t. salt.

Mix, chill at least 2 hr.

Fruit Salad:

2/3 c plain yogurt
1 T. honey
1 T. lemon juice


2 c. plain yogurt
1/4 - 1/2 c mayo
1/2  t. EACH: garlic powder, onion powder, celery leaves and salt
1/4 t. EACH: pepper, paprika and dill weed
1 t. dry parsley or 2 T. fresh chopped parsley
dash of cayenne pepper (optional)

Mix and chill.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Right now I'm waiting for milk to warm, so I can feed the calves. Then come in, shower, and maybe sew a little or go to bed.

This cold, while not a bad cold like some I've had... is draining all energy and mental clarity I have. By the time I've finished with AM chores... I'm so tired that it take all day to just gear up for evening chores. Everybody is asking if I have allergies... NOPE it's cold... then I get that look like I have the plague or something... I think I'll just say it's allergies from now on... *cough cough... ohhh my aching head*

Nite all...

Sunday, April 11, 2010



"Redneck Fountain" 
or water tank running over if you farm... :)

Just for AKAGAGA :)

getting some beauty sleep...


Possum FINALLY had a heifer!


Spirit's latest contribution to the heifer force... She's a wicked kicker!

Tulip finally had a heifer for us... I thought both were lost. Tulip went AWOL for TWO days! and then showed up in good health with her. :)

This is what I'm greeted with EVERY morning... Bless their itter hearts...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

And so

I did it. In a rash moment of I don't know what... I emailed a letter to the editor of Hoards. We'll blame it on being tired, getting kicked wickedly by a calf this AM (and I it was more than one little kick... it was over and over and over again, me screaming and crying... calf fed and not happy with me) and trying not to catch the cold that my dear mother has had.

This a pet peeve or two of mine...

#1. Writing a letter to the editor, asking them to withhold your name, and then they publish it! GRRRR  If people are to whimpy to not want to be known they have no business writing letters and being published.

#2. Farmers who get up and say... Oh I made a profit even during last years HORRIBLE milk prices. I really don't see a problem with how the industry is being ran. To them... good for you on making a profit! Wish I could say the same thing. But has anyone ever noticed that it is these whimpy guys saying all this horse hockey that get put on the news, or have their letter put into print, and that our congressman, senetors, and representatives hear and listen to?

ARGH!!!!!!! I need a nap... And to Mr or Ms Name Withheld in Indiana stand up for something even if it means just letting your name be known. I can respect that... not the other....

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rudely Awakened

OK so I've not been sleeping the greatest as of late, I had finally managed to get some good sleep going this morning only to be awakened by a loud siren, coming, going and flying by that was on the top of one of our Mennonite neighbors trucks... I don't know which one... He had overalls, a black quad cab Chevy truck, ball cap, and cell phone... :)

So anyway way now I'm dragging... I should have been out and knee deep into chores by now. Just can't seem to manage to drag myself to get up and going. Just a little more sleep... SLEEP... what a beautiful word.

All in all I hope nothing horrible wrong was going on... it seems odd that there would be a fire with all the rain we would have gotten through the night. But who know! And he was the only one that went zooming by... sounding his siren and flashing lights... the light was blue BTW.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Glad for...

 Forsythia before the goats got to it...

#1. Bad fences... granted most days I am stressing over the LACK of woven wire, barbed wire, electric fence wire, but today I'm glad our fences weren't very good. A beef cow of ours had managed to get her head under the fence and couldn't get up, was bloating, and wouldn't have made it much longer. With the help of I'm sure a host of angels (prayer works people!) got Fava up and standing.

#2. The sense of smell... the air is filled with Hyacinths, Daffodils, Violets, and the sweet smell of SPRING! Oh the joys of a warm day... shorts and T-shirts... :)

#3. Wind... granted I feel as though my eye lids are being peeled backward, my hair is a mess, and the general feeling of being wind blown isn't so great, it's doing wonders for drying out the ground... Now if we could just work on these April Showers... :-/

#4. That today... I don't have to get in a vehicle and go anywhere!!!! For over 2 weeks I've been gone somewhere doing something... it gets old.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

May everyone have a joyous Easter...