Monday, April 26, 2010


Well it's dawned in the same way it's been all week end. Gloomy, wet, breezy, chilly... On an up note we've been getting some much needed rain.

On another up note, both my sick baby calves are doing much better. :) The one had such a a high temp she is starting to loose her hair. Bless her little heart... but she's alive and so so much better. And so that's all that really matters. Now I only have to wait how many more days for the culture panel to come back? I think it's a week... Whatever this stuff is it packs a punch I can say that.

OH I did manage to get some sewing done! Yippee Skippee for ME! I even ironed my partial blocks... isn't that something... well it is for me. I despise ironing...

Stopped at a green house in the rain on Saturday, $37.05 later... I'm still wondering what it is I bought for that... OH well so it go... I'm hoping the double maroon Columbine I bought will make it. We had the most beautiful deep blue one... it never would winter over.

And so this brings us to the part where I push the Publish Post button and head off for chores in the gloom... :) 

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  1. Glad your babies are doing better. Scary when they get sick like that.