Sunday, May 31, 2009


Post 1oo... can you believe it? nah me either... It always amazes me that I have that much to say. I guess it just easier to type than it say it out right with spoken words. Who knows.

Anyway, I did not do the Sunday Stills this week. I don't really know where the time went, but it's flown by and I'll try again next week. If I can remember to see what the challenge is. That's one of my new pat answers to everything, I don't remember or it's packed away. OR NOOOOT a problem.

And that's all I have to say... for now, maybe... maybe not. I'm not very inspired to write much today. Taking endless Face book quiz's will do that to a person. :)

Friday, May 29, 2009

Not Normal...

It's not normal:

To be wearing a sweatshirt on the 29 of May in this part of Missouri. But it was chilly this AM...

To have missing rafters in your home that was just craned on... Nope not going there just NOT going to go there... OK OK OK I'll go there... HOW is it when you buy a home, that it's not all there? I don't understand... I JUST DON'T GET IT! Why can everyone under the sun (or so it seems) pass the blame except me, wonderful ME? I'm sure once I hear back from DT at FUQUA, that it will be all my fault and that I just don't have the intelligence to see it. Sigh... Just you wait... And some where there is a Jersey in heat and nursing something or some jersey they should! *Private joke*

To be me... I'm just not normal... nor do I want to be. So that does not really bother me.

Other things of Note:

The CORN IS UP, I REPEAT the CORN is UP! Houston we have Baby corn stalks! *doing the inner dance of joy* cause I'm to tired to do much of anything else except spell 3 letter words wrong...

The beans are up.

Blackberries are blooming... all 10 blossoms... :-/

Sun is shining... WOW *that was sarcastic*

The David Austen Roses are in full bloom... Oh how I wish there was scratch and sniff computer screens... this scent is heavenly... and I personally hope that when I do get to Heaven there is a garden full of these roses!

My current addictions:

FarmTown on Facebook... it's sad y'all. Other wise I want to move to my "farm" this could be concidered not normal. I wish farming could be this fun and easy...

Barqs Root Beer... I think it has something to do with the vanilla in it... I read where the vanilla in pop is a stress releiver. DO NOT LAUGH! That's an order! It's true I read it in a magazine. So there... *going off to find that blasted magzine for PROOF!*

Couple Ordered to Stop Holding Bible Study at Home Without Permit - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News -

Couple Ordered to Stop Holding Bible Study at Home Without Permit - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News -

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Setting of the house...

Yes I know, nothing to do with the setting of the house... But isn't her de tweestest ting?!

OK It's been a week... so I thought I would get around to writing out what went down, up, on... It all started on Weds. evening when the Mr.G, his massive crane, and helper showed up. This was news to us since we knew nothing about setting the house.

Thursday morning dawned sunny and all in all a beautiful day. The set crew showed up around 8 or so and began the long task maneuvering, unwrapping, cutting notches, etc, so forth and so on. Mennonites started showing up around 10 that morning. :)

We waited and waited and waited, the house would be up in the air and then down, UP... down... in the mean time the rigging truck was not running right and so a Mennonite neighbor was trying to help and there were many a trips all several parties here there and yon to get wrenches, parts, etc...

Finally around 3 in the afternoon, the first half was set. There was a tiny blip in communication's as to which half was was going where. It cost us SEVERAL hours all because no one wanted to admit they (one person NOT ME) was wrong. Just like a man... LOL anyway , everything finally wrapped up at about 8:30 that evening... Finally... the guys were so tired, many a sandwich was fixed and eaten.

This brings us back to the afor mentioned rigging truck that would run right. I swear... I don't think much wanted to go right that day. Mr.G's helper drove the truck into the pit at the back of the house... not a good thing. He got stuck and couldn't get out. Which ment that James had to unload his remote track... I WANT one of those things... they are SOOOOO neat! Anyway they get it pulled out and then leave. I personally think they were more than ready to blow this popsickle stand... LOL

Since their truck wouldn't run, we decided to offer then our Tahoe to take home. And they did! Bless them... they were so tired and it was so late. Their repairman came back the next day to fix the truck. And they brought back the Tahoe, and we got to watch over the crane for the next 4 days!

And so there you have it. The house is slowly coming out of it kinks and twisting. Cracks are moving and I hope not grooving. It still doesn't seem normal for the house to be set and not in the pasture. Nope not normal at all. I'm sure after another 19 monthes it will seem normal that it's setting where it should. Time will tell.

Monday, May 25, 2009

It's you know what again...

RAINING! Egads... honestly this moisture is about to wear me slick. Things to be thankful for:

House being on the basement!

Garden 90% planted (green beans, corn, maters, peppers, zucchini, and okra... OH and a few beets and 2 small rows of zinnias) were all quickly planted before it started raining on Saturday.

A brisket that is at the moment slowly smoking to perfection in our Trager grill. Let me tell you this, they are the BEST grills! OH MY SWEET Magnolia!!! I detest gas grills and can't get the hand of using charcoal.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


I love danger signs. It's amazing all the ones that are on the crane. God Bless the crane and it's opperators:)
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Sunday Stills... Yellow!

My Favorite Day Lily

Weeds... :) Well their yellow right?!

"The Hook on the crane that lifts the house, lifts the house, lifts the house..."

TA-DA!!! The crane... This is an 80 ton, $1 MILLION DOLLAR piece of equipment. I've come to LOVE photo stitch... there was NO way to get this monster in one shot. It took a "village" of pics to make it come together!

For more Sunday Stills... go here. Have a safe and enjoyable holiday. And a huge THANKS to the men and women who have and currently serve this country!

Friday, May 22, 2009

If I...

Can ever get the pictures off my other card I'll post them... ARGH off to take more pics of the FULL set home and start chores. Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day... I can't say I've got a feeling everything is going my way... one shouldn't lie. Who wants to go ramble through they set house?!?!?


Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's a House

Is there any felicity in the world superior to this day? The house is finally set. Ever so very tired and drained of all that is with in me. For once I'm without words and to describe the felling or lack there in. To sum up how I feel... numb...

More pictures to come! When I'm of sound mind and body to do it. Praise the LORD we have a house!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's Tuesday...

Yup I bet that was a real shocker to EVERYONE :) Non the less it is Tuesday. No it's not a special Tuesday... just your normal, comes every week kinda of Tuesday. Thankfully it has dawned sunny and warmer than yesterday.

OH I finally got under the mail box planted. Mom is getting all of the rest done. I just have no motivation this year. I don't know why... I think if I was growing my own plants I would be more enthused. That's one thing that I truly enjoyed doing. Growing plants that is. Just for me/us, but I always would get a tiny wee bit carried away. Like who really needs 250 tomato plants??? :) but it was fun!

On tap for today:
MOVE Tempest out to the barn... if she is jumping out of the laundry basket it means she can be with the other goats... with supervision of course. After all she was a preemie.

Finish the "twirly" dress and start on another dress or perhaps finish up some tops that I cut out last year. There's a novel idea.

Check and make sure TK got his bovine home. Yes it's started over again... the annual calling of the neighbor to get his beef cattle home! There are days I would love to just run them up to the loading shut, and have them sold. After all he won't keep them home, and they eat the grass our cows could be eating. GRRRR

Monday, May 18, 2009

Adventure without leaving the

Comfort of home... Every time I visit a blog I've bookmarked and enjoy, or perhaps one that is totally new it an adventure just waiting to happen. It's like reading a good book. It can transport you to places near, far, and the places you'll NEVER go even in your wildest dreams. Take today's adventure:

Starting point:
Spirit Cloth - this quilter fascinates me with her stitching... granted it's not my style but I do enjoy looking at it.

From that site I went to Nourish Me. Hmm Lacto Fermented Ketchup... Yes I know Fermented ANYTHING is healthy for you... It also happens to be rather stinky.

Then I jumped from there to Lucy's Kitchen Notebook. Oh me oh my... what a wonderful site. I could just site and read forever (OK not FOREVER my attention span isn't that long anymore) But you get my drift... and if you click on her Links... me oh my! What a list... So then we head to... A Corner of My Kitchen a rather dead end. But thankfully there is the back button. You just never know where you'll be headed in a day of blog wondering.

Let me tell you it's more enjoyable than chasing calvies in your jammies, with shoes that are two sizes to small, and it being 40 some odd degrees outside. WAY BETTER!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Stills...

And the "eyes" have it. This a "coulda been better" shot. But hey... with 6 little goats flying around behind a person, never knowing when you are going to become their spring board for some goat half-pike. I think it turned our rather well, even if I do say so myself.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Gardens, Goats, and of course RAIN...

I'm beginning to wonder if I could go more than 2 days without mentioning the rain. I do believe we hit a record yesterday for going almost 40 whole HOURS without a drop of precipitation. A cold front was pushing in and gave us another inch or more of moisture. :) I was of course out in this downpour looking for THIS dog. After all I didn't want him to get wet and cold. No I saved that little pleasure for myself. He was content under a trailer and horrible me made him come in the house.

Yesterday I had planned on getting at least the flower garden around the mail box planted. Well I got part of it planted and then it was time to feed the "kids" and that of course meant we had to let them out for "play" time. This ended shortly after they were let out since Sweet Pea would NOT keep off the deck with all the flowers (goats LOVE Viola's) it was just a hot and humid afternoon and my mood seemed to the same.

On a good note/notes: a neighbor came and tilled the garden so it can at least dry up some before it gets tilled again, it's strawberry season and we currently have almost 20 pounds in the freezer or refrigerator no thanks to me. I'll wash, snub, slice, eat, bag... I just don't pick them. I say let someone else pick them and pay them! But that's me... I don't mind picking blackberries though. In a "tame" patch that is. Yes I'm picky if you've not noticed. :)

OFF for chores!!!! Who wants to help?!?! :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nothing goes as planned...

WHY oh WHY do I ever think that just ONE thing can go as planned? I didn't get on stitch sewn on Tuesday, that happened yesterday. And of course that didn't go as planned either.

Between sewing for a women (my grandmother who I really do love) BUT would be happy if she just went around wear clothes that are 5 sizes to big so they don't "touch" her... sigh... this dress I'm attempting to sew is somewhat fitted. NOT that bad... but it will look very nice on her once it's done. BUT of course the bias tape wouldn't do right, the size is off, I was sick (or feeling that way), and all in all it was a hot humid day in MAY in MISSOURI!

And to top it off I keep forgetting to mail a package that should have been mail weeks ago! Today is shaping up to be a wonderful day though, by FAITH! :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Man Made Drought in CA.

What is up with this country?! IF they can PUMP it into the Pacific Ocean, WHY can't they PUMP it into the canals?

On tap…

For today:

Scan over pattern directions

Cut out pattern pieces

Pin and cut out fabric

Sew the above mentioned cut fabric.

Be thankfully that the one of 15 tornadoes that were spawned in last weeks storm didn’t hit us.

Pray that the front coming in isn’t bad either!

Wonder when we are ever going to get the garden tilled, so we can plant. This rain is about to wear me slick y’all.

Change out one set of bad inflations, and wait to do the others.

IMG_1923 (Small)

Be thankful we mad it through another winter. Now to make it through Spring without floating away.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Starting over…

OK this will be a second try at blogging this AM. ARGH don’t you just hate when that happens? You are on a roll, speeding down the written HWY at speeds you weren’t even aware of and then you CRASH. Lose everything!  Oh well…

SO, I thought I would do a little map of where I am to where I went on Sat. :). I’ve been pouring over the map I got. I know, seems strange to look at a map after the fact, but I like to know were I’ve been.

Map picture

OK so today will be a busy day. An inflation split over the week-end and since we want HAPPY cows I’ll need to get it fixed ASAP. And of course the closest place to get them is in Springfield, I’ll be running (not literally) to get a couple of sets.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

No Sunday Stills -Welcome JACK!

At least this week. FOR the LIFE of ME, yours truly here, can't figure out the editing program for my camera and it's pictures. SO y'all will just have to deal with pictures of the new man in my life :) . It's he SWEET! Everyone this is Crosstimbers Farm Jack Frost. I went and picked him up yesterday. It was over a 700 mile round trip. Thankfully nothing went terribly wrong. I just was stuck in traffic going and coming, almost rear ended a semi... HEY he's the one that slammed on his brakes, paid a small fortune to the ODT in tolls. Which I would like to know... did I have to stop at every blessed tole booth from here to kingdom come?!?!?! I've decided if I go back this fall for some does, I'm getting a PIKE PASS! Sakes alive that got old yesterday. Things I learned: The MO McDonald's gives you no ice (OK hardly any) in your drink and the OK ones are terribly chlorinated... cough gag..., I went thru I don't know how many Indian Reserves, there seems to be a casino in every town, and the speed limit is 75!!!! :-) Ya gotta love that! I had to buy 2 qts of oil for our Yukon (that was a little scary, thankfully there was a very nice man you helped me as I couldn't get the oil cap off!)
SO all it all it was a good day. I left at 7:21 AM and got back at 8:32 PM.
The storms that blew thru on Friday AM still has town in the dark. NO electricity... One grocery store is open and the feed store (if it wasn't a Sunday and I wasn't trying to be good OH what little snotty and sarcastic thing I would love to say), Wally World was supposed to open at 3 yesterday.
Thankfully we were only with out power for those few hours in the AM. Any more when the light blink I get jumpy with the thought of the power going out. It's funny though... when there is a threat of bad weather you go into the mode of: what needs to be done in case we lose power. Any more I always keep water tanks topped off if at all possible. That's the main thing of course. There isn't much I can do in the way of keeping the milk cooled down. OH how I would love a generator... A big HUGE one that would run the farm. :)
And before I forget... HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the wonderful Mothers out there....

Friday, May 8, 2009

It's Friday...

To a normal person this would mean something. A weekend of enjoyment perhaps?! For me it means that I am one day closer to going to OKLAHOMA!!!!! where the winds come sweeping down the plains.... where the waving wheat, can sure smell sweet, when the wind comes right behind the RAIN! We know we belong to the land! and the land we belong to is GRAND!!!!!! :) Yes I enjoy musicals! Anyway tomorrow mom and I will be going to pick up "Jack", our newly to be purchased buckling. :) One must start early in choosing their herd sire for the coming and perchance the following year.

Today also means we are one day closer to Sunday. Not only Mothers day, but a day to relax and just well to maybe nap a little.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What a morning...

4 bulls out, 5 back in, one cow dry, one cow now with the milking herd, weaning 6 calves, 6 VERY unhappy momma cows, one punched nose (self-inflicted), 1 pair of lost in the mud boots, rain on the horizen... all in a days work. ONE LATE VET (Thank the Lord)... Priceless...

It's already been a day. And we've yet to start dehorning, vaccinating, and worming. After all this is done I'll have to get feed and a new pair of boots for Krissie... :) Can't have one of the crew going bare foot.

Hope everyone is having a bright and sunny day!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Road Rage…

Normally I’m not one that would get road rage… However, today was just one of THOSE days when things like this happen.

It started out with it being the off Tuesday. Always more stressful than the regular Tuesdays. Any way… I decided in my GRAND and glorious mind how things would go… AND we all know what happens when we do that. Things just start falling apart.

The goats were bratty for starters. Then in my effort to call up the dry cows, heifers, and bulls so we could get them separated to work tomorrow (the last time if you’ll remember we were froze out). SO would they all come? HA! that would just be toooo easy. This led me to having to go in search of them with a dog who had just been sprayed by a skunk… Some days it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed Y’all! I finally get them up to the pen, would they go thru the gate???? NOOOOOOO they just stood there like idiots.

They finally did go thru and we managed to get the separated. I’ll leave out that “fun” story for another time.

OK this takes us to the afternoon hours… the “plan” was to get my hair washed, feed the goats, dry up cows and get the final two bulls in to be worked and then go to the chiropractor and be home by 4:00, 5:00 at the latest. Got my hair washed, fed the goats, gave up the “idea” of drying up and getting the two final bulls penned up, and was on my way to the chiropractor at 4:00.

I was a wee bit tizzed, tired, and tense. So in an abnormal for me act I take the MAIN hwy in to Springfield for the WHOLE drive. All was going well until I get behind a truck who was behind a minivan that was going either over the center line or to far to the right. He was of course talking on his cell phone. Finally got past him, several semi’s, and into Springfield I flew… NEVER in my life have I ever honked the horn while driving, today was a first. You see I was in the right hand lane. Someone was next to me so I couldn’t go to the left when the cars were trying to merge onto the HWY. SO this very intelligent person *rolling my eyes* slows down then speeds up, I have NO where to go, so I slow down as much as possible. Would he just pull in??? NO he SLOWS DOWN! So I speed up to pass him so he can get in… then he speeds up, and almost hits me… so I honked the horn, and it did seem to phase him in the least. I was ticked… so I just got off at the next exit.

WHY are people SO wrapped up in just themselves? Don’t we all have places and family we love and want to see again? But NO their are those who text, call, weave in and out of traffic because THEY have some place to be and don’t want to be in convinced. AND that is why I try to stay HOME and just go to my Podunk little town.

North, South, East , West…. Home is always best… even with stupid cattle, bratty goats, nutty dogs, roosters who will attack if you don’t be carful, and sneaky horse.   IMG_1911 (Small)

Victory having fun on the dirt mound…

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Stills...

I just love Iris's

Don't they remind you of southern belles? All dressed and ready for a party...

My favorite Hosta...

This didn't turn out as planned... then what does?!

LETTUCE! We've been enjoying salads and wilted lettuce for weeks now... I LOVE SPRING!

And there you have it... It's been raining ALL week long here and looks to be more of the same for this coming week. I wish I had a better lens... or that I knew which one I needed, or better yet how to use my camera/camera's better.

For more Sunday Stills go HERE... :)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Just when you think...

you'll need to start building an Ark like Noah... the sun shines, birds are twittering and chatting up a storm (I HOPE NOT LITERALLY!), and I can see blue sky outside of the window. I feel the need for sunglasses! It's been so long since we've seen the sun and the gorgeous spring blue of the sky. If it wasn't so cold out (48 says the MSN toolbar) I would go out in shorts and t-shirt to enjoy it while it lasts! At this to will pass I'm sure...

Things went well yesterday other than raining for the better part of the waking hours. It's not much fun going to a low setting city with rain POURING down. On the up side no one was out so I got some really good parking places CLOSE to the door. :) Except at Sam's... Yes I'll let it go that someone in a little red car ZOOMED up and took my spot... that's OK I like walking in the rain without an umbrella. Praise them, bless 'em, and let 'em go! :)

Well it's off to start chores... again...

Friday, May 1, 2009

Random thoughts...

For the most part anymore random thoughts are all I have. They pop into my head only to flutter away in an instant. I keep saying it's due to stress, which is entirely possible. Half the time I can't remember what I was thinking just a few minutes before.

Here are some of my random thoughts...

Scraping the holding pen down..."Paradise?! HA... who ever said farming was paradise needs to come and do THIS in the rain... and THEN we'll see how much of a paradise it is!"

On finding 2 baby possums (NOTE: I LOVE possums!)"Dog gone dogs! Like I need to be taking care of baby possums NOW." and then when I called the conservation department..."GRRRRRRRRRRR" They told me OH just put them back out there, and give them shelter... Hopfully the mother will come back. Well the mother did come out of hiding, however she is badly hurt. I did manage to "give" the babies back but highly doubt any will survive.

Things having to deal with the house.... "!#$%!#^$ $>>>......@%$*%^@!!!!!!!" No not really but that's how I feel... And why is it SO hard for people to call me back?!

Ants.... What are their purpose? Other than biting me in the middle of the night?! Does anyone have a sure fire way to kill them? We are infested with them.

Face book... will I ever really understand it's purpose in life???? I'm just not the social butterfly type I guess...

OK folks it's going to be a long day... signing off from a rain soaked and flooded by creek/creeks (the two creeks that border us... they become the same creek at the back of us). It POURED last night... well early this AM it was coming down so hard I couldn't see the milk barn from the kitchen!