Monday, May 18, 2009

Adventure without leaving the

Comfort of home... Every time I visit a blog I've bookmarked and enjoy, or perhaps one that is totally new it an adventure just waiting to happen. It's like reading a good book. It can transport you to places near, far, and the places you'll NEVER go even in your wildest dreams. Take today's adventure:

Starting point:
Spirit Cloth - this quilter fascinates me with her stitching... granted it's not my style but I do enjoy looking at it.

From that site I went to Nourish Me. Hmm Lacto Fermented Ketchup... Yes I know Fermented ANYTHING is healthy for you... It also happens to be rather stinky.

Then I jumped from there to Lucy's Kitchen Notebook. Oh me oh my... what a wonderful site. I could just site and read forever (OK not FOREVER my attention span isn't that long anymore) But you get my drift... and if you click on her Links... me oh my! What a list... So then we head to... A Corner of My Kitchen a rather dead end. But thankfully there is the back button. You just never know where you'll be headed in a day of blog wondering.

Let me tell you it's more enjoyable than chasing calvies in your jammies, with shoes that are two sizes to small, and it being 40 some odd degrees outside. WAY BETTER!!!

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