Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's Tuesday...

Yup I bet that was a real shocker to EVERYONE :) Non the less it is Tuesday. No it's not a special Tuesday... just your normal, comes every week kinda of Tuesday. Thankfully it has dawned sunny and warmer than yesterday.

OH I finally got under the mail box planted. Mom is getting all of the rest done. I just have no motivation this year. I don't know why... I think if I was growing my own plants I would be more enthused. That's one thing that I truly enjoyed doing. Growing plants that is. Just for me/us, but I always would get a tiny wee bit carried away. Like who really needs 250 tomato plants??? :) but it was fun!

On tap for today:
MOVE Tempest out to the barn... if she is jumping out of the laundry basket it means she can be with the other goats... with supervision of course. After all she was a preemie.

Finish the "twirly" dress and start on another dress or perhaps finish up some tops that I cut out last year. There's a novel idea.

Check and make sure TK got his bovine home. Yes it's started over again... the annual calling of the neighbor to get his beef cattle home! There are days I would love to just run them up to the loading shut, and have them sold. After all he won't keep them home, and they eat the grass our cows could be eating. GRRRR

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