Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm a Canna?!

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

"You stand up for what you believe in, even if it gets in the way of what other people think. You are proud of yourself and your accomplishments and you enjoy letting people know that."

Why is it?

That it doesn't rain for most of the day when you can't find a shovel to plant your newly bought Day lilies, BUT when you let out the "kids" for their late afternoon bottles it starts raining and you find the shovel right when your starting chores? AND to top it off the rain stops when you get back to the comforts of a dry place and it's to late to see where to dig holes?

More rain on tap for today, flash flood warnings and watches... I know the saying, April showers bring May flowers, but what does April downpours and flooding bring?

Thankfully all my calves are weaned now and only the "kids" have to have bottles. This will free up my time so I can start on some summer sewing. And is there a pile of it.

Off for chores... HEY! I found this off another blog... What is with the Milk Marketing Board of WI?! Aren't we dairy farmers having a hard enough time without people making it that much more difficult?!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Days go by...

Where do the days run off to? Wasn't it just Sunday? Here we are at Wednesday... With a full day... OK full morning to be gotten started.

Recap of the past few days, Lincy kidded Sat or Sun. I don't remember which day. Two little buckling's..., we played Hand and Foot then Pitch with my Great Aunt and Uncle on Sunday evening. I swear, I don't get Pitch., Monday dawned with rain on the horizon and me building electric fence, Tuesday mom and I went to Versailles to just get away from it all. I personally needed a time out from the farm and constantly thinking about all what is going on with the house. I don't get how you can buy a complete house and yet not get it all. Can someone explain that to me? I would really like to know. Hmmm what else happened... OH the cows got out on Sat. and day across the road... I can't remember if I have previously mentioned that. Milk in the tank is up!!! So there is some joy in Mud ville. :)

I'm off to get this posted and start on my day before the rains come... AGAIN...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

What a weekend...

Wind (L.Black) Earth (R. Red and Black)

Lightening feeding Wind (L.) and Earth (R.)
I have no clue where Fire was...

It's been a busy weekend and it's not even over with! Yesterday morning the goats when AWOL so they had to be fed early, which turned out to be a good things. It gave me the time to get wormer, an emasculater and the bands (there are some little boy goats who need to taken care of) and I also needed to get some groceries.
Between, chasing cows out of the neighbors strawberry patch (I felt SO bad... thankfully they just ran and didn't do much if any damage.) Jerseys are just social cows and like to go visiting! :) sigh..., I managed to get some of the goats wormed, became Tessie's BEST friend in giving her animal crackers for being such a good goat for letting me trim her feet! Cleaned and scrubbed the swing (so I could seal it) Chased calves at 10 on Saturday night, wormed the cows, and today I've managed to get the rest of the goats wormed, sealed and stained the swing. And then helped to make the oddest Sunday dinner ever... Scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, bacon... with Angel food cake, strawberries, and whipped cream for dessert.
Now I'm off to do something like relax... if that's at all possible!

Sunday Stills

Our Barn...
Thankfully the grass is green and we aren't feeding hay!!!

View from the front of the barn... with a cute kid thrown in for fun! :)

One of the MANY birds next that are hanging from the top of the barn. I know birds are one of Gods creatures but they are creating havoc and messes everywhere you go.

Nope these aren't great in the whole scheme of things. But for the life of me I never could remember to take my camera with me when I went of of doors. I've been so preoccupied with getting our house set and all that I can't remember much of anything these days.
And in saying that... no we've not yet gotten the house set. I've already cried a great deal, but life goes on, cows milked, goats fed... the daily grind that is always there. NO I'm not complaining... I would be if I didn't have it to do... there are just days and we've all had them where enough is enough and you can't take anymore! I'm a little tea pot... short and shout... here is my handle, here is my spout... when I get all steamed up then I shout! Tip me over and pour me OUT! :)
For more Sunday Stills... go HERE!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Soap box

I have a new soap box that I can get on. It's about modular housing! The lack of laws, morals, and the hurt and pain it will take you on if God forbid you get stuck with the worst manufacture and dealer in your state. And NO I'm not saying all dealerships or manufactures are hard to deal with. I only know from my experience.

A statement was said yesterday that has just struck a cord with me. Christians are the worst to persecute other Christians. Has anyone else noticed this. The Christians who "pray" for you only to turn around and stab you in the back? We've all dealt with them, haven't we??? For us it was more than one over this housing deal. They all were praying for us, and then at least for the dealership... And then tried to get out of setting the home (which they have because we had to settle) and blame everything that has happened on my 75 year old grandmother. How is it that these kind of people seemingly get away with things like this?

I will tell everyone that asks about this house what has happened. Everyone only wants to go by the letter of the law, or how their company is set up. Where is the kindness, helpfulness, morally sound judgements? Would it really hurt these people to help and not just think of themselves? I guess so. It's the all mighty dollar... that is all these kind of people care about. The only comfort I get is knowing God knows and it in control (OK as I've said before this is hard for me at times... :) )These people will reap what they have sown.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nothing as planned...

Not one thing went as planned yesterday... And it started as I went out the door.

Sweet Pea wouldn't take her bottle... AGAIN. She was chilling and all in all not herself. So she spent most of the day in the house, getting warm, nibbling at food, and letting the Pen.G start to work it's magic on her little system. I'm happy to report that she took a FULL bottle last night. What a relief!

It was an off Tuesday. So that meant our morning was that much more hectic. Don't ask...

I found out that the House is going to be SET this Friday... keep your fingers, toes, eyes, whatever else you can crossed! Pray! So if all goes well there should be pictures on Saturday!!!!

That led to having to go up to Grain Valley Steal and picking up the 11 jack posts for the supports under the house. My Uncle and I left at 1:00 and got back at 7:30 ish. 306 miles round trip. I can't say I ever want to do that again. Thankfully I won't have to.

Before leaving for Grain Valley, my grandmother and I had to go and sign the paper work releasing the place we bought our house from and to get the settlement money. there are times when our atty make me laugh. Yesterday was one of them. I'm not sure if it was the relief of know I'll NEVER have to deal with those people again, or the sublime knowledge knowing that the house is FINALLY going to be set! It's only taken since Oct of 2007 to get to this place.

It was a long day, but a good day. It's so nice to come home... there's no place like HOME.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Escape to Goat Eden...

OK... I really don't watch that much TV, even tho my posts as of late have touched on it from time to time. ANY WAY has anyone seen Escape to Chimp Eden? I've seen it a few times. And it struck such a cord with me. The constant battles, easing in a new member to a group, letting all H E DOUBLE hockey sticks loose..., gain ground and in a second... loosing it.

Yup... that's our little Goat Eden... We have pretty much gotten Tessie (daughter of the overly zealous Tippie) blended into the sweet family group. Tippie is still on probation, and Lightening... well she has some attitude problems. So while she is blending better than the Tipster's... it's still a rocky road. Why can't we all live in peace and harmony? Would that REALLY be asking so very much of a few little goats? I think not... but they are thinking other wise.

In other farm news... ummm not so much is going on. We are waiting for July to get here... at time patiently and at other times, not so very much. Things keep running around in my head... like will milk prices being coming up anytime soon? how are we going to make it? We'll be FINE... NO I don't want to know about the price of milk... If it's not going up anytime soon I would rather stay in the dark. Besides that's how they like to keep us dairy farmers anyway. I know I know... I promise NOT to get on my little soap box today...

Sewing wise... nothing but a huge pile of fabric needing to be cut, ironed, folded and mailed out. I'm doing a Civil War Repro. fabric swap. :) Maybe I'll do that today.

Nothing much else went on yesterday... OH OH OH... I forgot! I made Beaver Tails! :) SOOO Good! Recipe later... I'm late... so what's new...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Cardboard Testimonies...

What would your cardboard say?


Lets have a do over weekend. I feel that it just totally slipped by me and I didn't get a chance to even enjoy it!? Not that I ever do enjoy a weekend, however it's nice to relax. It seemed like I was on the go for the whole time!

I did get to sew some, and sorted strips by colors into little plastic bins to make it easier for me to sort out what I want to go next. I'm going to try it at least. We'll see what happen. I need to take some pictures, some how I just forget.

Lets see, what's on tap for this week. Hmmm... I don't have a clue. A lot of phone calls, chores, catching up on sleep (I'm ready to head back to bed right now).

OH OH OH!!!! GUESS WHAT??? Oh you'll never guess... I've hired a CRANE CREW!!!!!!!!! And I don't even know how I did it either. He showed up yesterday afternoon and said we can do it, call me when it's alittle drier (we had a couple of inches of rain over the weekend) and I'll be here!!! OH HAPPY DAYS! Now to call the set crew guy and have them get in contact with each other. :) It's such a relief, someone who kept their word!

That then leads me to the two shows I watched over the weekend. Anymore I'm not much for watching TV, however a new Little House on the Prairie was on, on Saturday. Did anyone watch this? I was SO SO SO upset. WHY can't they be just alittle more accurate? Would that be so hard for Hollywood? They didn't have Carrie for one thing. I mean I know there has to be some changes, but to take out CARRIE?! And this always bugs me about Jack, he was a BULLDOG.Not a mutt (TV series) or an Australian Shepard. The whole thing led me to trying to find the books that we have packed away. OH WELL let it go right? OK but they also wreaked the Love Comes Softly series of books. I loved that series! I know it by heart! And they just made a mess of it.

Second movie I watched. It was the Irena Sendler story. It brought my to tears. And to THINK Al Gore got the Peace Prize instead of her. That just make me want to scream! But I don't have time... I'm late for chores as it is.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

What a day...

Do you ever have one of those days where everything goes perfect? Yeah... me either. BUT I was on my way yesterday! Until... 3 o'clock. I had to go to town and mail a couple of packages, so I went by the back to cash the Guvment' check we got (I'm out of checks). Which sent me into a WHOLE afternoon into downward spiral. I'll spare you the details other than why can't a simple thing just be simple anymore?! Now we all have to go and sign to make the changes to the account. ARGH do we NOT have other things to do? I guess not.

Then things looked up as I headed to and left the post office. I had to call the FSA office seeing if they had some info the bank needs. Well I got the wrong number the first time, so I thought OK I'll just stop in. Was anyone there??? NO all the lights were on, but no one would answer, so I got the right number and decided to call on my way to Dollar General (I'm making our fabric softener). I try to call FSA again... NO one ANSWERS. Cars were in the parking lot so I KNOW they were there... somewhere... Then I call home. Would anyone answer??? NO... I thought surely the rapture hasn't happened... surely God wouldn't leave me here! And I know not every one at FSA would go... (I was thinking of a certain person at another office, pray for your enemies, repent, forgiveness, REPENT) I did finally get someone at home and brought home dinner... Why do I keep getting Sonic food? I would have been better off getting the chicken at the supermarket. Oh well.

Farm happenings, Rose is doing OK, all other kids are just a crazy as ever! Grass is trying to grow and green up..., the cows are shedding like craze and most look moth eaten, :) And there are chances of rain all week-end. Oh joy and thrill Divine!

Well I best be going... chores ya know... Maybe Valencia kidded during the night. We can only hope. OH I did get to feel on of the kids while I petting her :) the little one was doing flip flops! She is so heavy with kid that she is miserable most of the day. We keep praying and hoping today will be THE day. Nothing yet...

Friday, April 17, 2009

It always happens...

Always! The Sun rises, the sun sets, rises, sets, rises, sets... I'm always utterly amazed that the morning comes every morning. Better it come in the morning when it's supposed to right?!

I'm dragging today... between not being sleepy at midnight, a dog waking you up at 1:18, and then another dog at 5:45... it's been a long night or is it morning. I don't know! Anyway!!! Here I am, up at in half of my right mind! KIDDING!! I'm all here... everything is just fuzzy.

Last night I had a scare with Rose. You remember the cute little kid I bought a few weeks ago. Well she wouldn't eat, was bloated, but was running and jumping, SO after her cocci treatment, a shot, and some probiotic's I'm sure all will be well this AM. I'm praying so.

No new news on the crane setting of the house. I'm calling today and begging. What else can I do? Cry! I'm not past it at this point. I've done my fair share this week anyway, what's a few more tears? Half the time we feel like just throwing in the towel and letting the chips fall where they may, the other half we are fighting to stay afloat and get to some distant shore.

OK enough of that here is something to make you smile! So smile! This is Vashti when she was little... Now she is over 25 pounds and still thinks she's 10 pounds! What a sweetie!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Our letter to no where fast...

This was written last year. We do have a new foundation but now SO&SO doesn't want to set the house and have filed a DJ against my grandmother trying to get out of their contract. This is the short version. We have since hired yet another atty and have filed against the G.C. (General Contractor) I have taken out his name and the companies seeing as I don't want a suit filed against me or my family for speaking the truth. I've come to learn that the truth and justice matter little. It's money and the twisting of laws and the truth that rules our land. We have NEVER had anything against the manufacturer of our home. It's a well built home... we hope. I have left the name of our current loan holder in because we modified the loan papers against our better judgment due to the new terms. However he can't do anything to us for 2 years. Woo Hoo... Can you tell I'm just sooo happy. NOT

ENJOY!!! Sit back relax and read on!!!

Dear Sir,

Hello, my name is Joyce Lubbers. I and my daughters (Kim Blankenship and Kristina Selle) and granddaughter (Sara Blankenship) have a 160 acre dairy farm in Buffalo, MO. I am 74 years old and have worked and lived here for the past 31 years along with my "girls". We currently live in a 100 plus year old home that is literally falling in around us and sometimes on us. However, because we trusted the wrong people we are now faced with losing our dairy farm of 31 years, our livelihood, and everything we have worked for. We have never missed a payment of $2200.00 or more each month. We are desperately trying to find other financing, but so far there hasn't been a bank or mortgage company that will to touch the situation we find ourselves in.

Never, have we ever desired something for nothing. We only desire what we have paid and have been paying for and have yet to get.

We decided in June of 2007 to try and buy a modular home and build a fully finished basement. We had been looking for many years to find a home we liked and a dealership we felt wouldn't "take" us. After getting a flier in the mail from So and so Modular Homes and having many phone calls with them. My grand daughter Sara and I went up to look at the homes. We found one we liked, but we wanted to talk it over with my daughters. After getting home and talking it over we decided to make a $500.00 good faith deposit and make an offer on one of the homes that was on the lot.

In July of 2007, I with the help of loan officer we began the process of obtaining financing for a modular home from So&So for $135,000.00 ,a fully finished basement to be constructed by Excavation and Construction for $71,530.00 this was to include:HVAC, sheet rock, insulation, concrete, plumping, electric, framing the walkout side, framing the 2 bedrooms, bath (tub/shower combo, vanity/sink combo, and toilet), kitchen (sink, counter top, cabinets, and island), mud room, pantry, log siding to match the home, excavation, back fill, clean up, lay out, permit and a beam to support the home rather than jack poles. The loan would also pay off my current farm loan with FHA for $74,740.33. Ginny filled out all the paper work and basically told me to sign and to trust her and not to worry as she would handle everything.

Before the loan was approved, General Contractor went to So &So to look over the home we were hoping to purchase and meet with So & So and the Loan Officer. Since before he was hired, he had to be approved of by Double-D Homes. We later learned So & So was going to let the G.C. do all the foundations and basements in our area for the homes they sold. The Loan Officer also told us that she and the G.C. were going into business together. When we asked if he was OK to use the Loan Officer said he's a GOOD guy, and had put off several jobs just to be able to do our job.

On August 16th 2007 she called and talked with my granddaughter Sara Blankenship to say that the loan had gone through, that the closing papers needed to be signed the next day at Hogan Land Title. Also that the points had gone from 1 to 3, that my whole farm of 160 acres was needed and not just the 30 that had been surveyed off, and that my daughters (Kim Blankenship and Kristina Selle) and my granddaughter (Sara Blankenship) would all have to sign along with myself.

On August 17th, 2007 I along with my daughters and grand daughter went to Hogan Land Title of Dallas County to sign the closing papers. However, things had changed to Osage Capital, LLC Emporia, KS was financing the loan, not the original company as we had been led to believe. There was a construction loan for 6 months at 9.75%. I was told that it was to be a 30 year mortgage at 7% fixed interest. We went ahead and signed as Ginny had always assured me and my family to trust her. In less than 15 minutes we all had signed, were told by Denise Reed closer at Hogan Land Title that we didn't have to read the paper work since it was boring to read and it was a standard contract, and that she would be mailing out checks to FHA $74,740.33 for payoff of the farm, Osage Capital $5,838.00, Buffalo Appraisal $500.00, Original company $2,919.00, Hogan Land Title $961.25 in fees, $105.00 in other charges, $1,300.00 First Choice Land Surveying, $26,500.00 as a down payment to S0 & SO and the G.C. was advanced $35,765.00 at the time of closing per his request to the Loan Officer to get started. They had decided the amounts of his draws and we were to just sign when needed as we were never consulted on the matter of the draws. This first draw was supposed to cover: excavating, concrete, plumbing, framing, material and electric. The total amount drawn for August 17th, 2007 was $148,623.58.

By October 3, 2007 the G.C. had been advanced the second draw of $17,882.50. This was supposed to cover sheet rock, insulation, kitchen, bath, material and labor. As of today Aug.7, 2008 all we have are three concrete walls, a concrete floor, 3 windows, a vanity, the walkout side of the basement is partially finished and the interior part has been framed even though he was told by SO&SO NOT to frame it until the modular home had been set.

In the first part of October the G.C. was told again by SO&SO that he needed to hire a structural engineer to engineer the beam that was needed to run the length of the modular home. He hired Travis Miller to engineer a beam. The plans were completed the 8th of October, 2007. Having believed the G.C., SO&SO went ahead and sent our modular home in the first part of October, 2007 before the manufacturer had inspected the basement or approved of the plans for the support beam.

The beam was delivered and installed and this is when things started to go south. The beam was an 18" lam beam (not the 10" or 11" the G.C. had told us it would be) and when it was installed it was only a few inches above our heads, it did not run the full length of the basement, and as were to later find out would not have been approved by the Manufacturer.

After the beam fiasco we had concerns over the rest of the basement. This is when we asked friends who knew construction to look over the basement. We also hired Michael Jones, a structural engineer to inspect the basement structure and also engineer a steel beam for the basement. Something that would be approved of by the Loan Officer. Before Michael Jones had came to look at the structure the Loan Officer had requested a home inspection from SO&SO and also the manufacturer to look over the basement. As they seemed not to believe us when we told them what a retired contractor, a friend of the family who is also a contractor, and others had been telling us about the basement so far.

On October 25, 2007 two representatives from manufacturer came to look at the site and construction this was a week after both halves of the home had been delivered. They told us for various reasons that the house could not be set. The major thing being that the beam was not running the full length of the basement, there wasn't a 6" "plate" at the top or bottom of the beam. It would be required, but had not been called for with the engineer the G.C. had hired.

During October we had found out through a friend that we should have been given lien waivers or that the lender should be getting the receipts. When we asked the Loan Officer about this she told us no that she never gets receipts from contractors that she trusts, and she trusted the G.C.. We then asked if she would get the receipts. The G.C. however would not provide receipts and or a spreadsheet of the money spent to the Loan Officer, and refused when we asked for lien waivers. After the G.C. refused to give receipts to the Loan Officer, we were told not to worry about the money that the Loan Officer and her partner of Osage Capital would take care of things.

Nov. 1 of 2007 two employees of SO&SO and also the vice-president of the manufacturer came down to look at the site and construction, also they took several pictures. One of the employees told us they still believed the G.C. over us. Until of course they saw what he had done and let be done.

After they had came down, my granddaughter called the Loan Officer to see if any progress had been made with the G.C.. The Loan Officer was very upset and wanting to know what we were doing to get the money back from the G.C. and when had it been decided to add $40,000.00 to our loan, bringing our total loan to $334,864.00. This was indeed news to us. Unbeknown st to us the VP of the manufacturer had called Osage Capital about the problem. They both decided none of the money advanced to the G.C. was left. At this point he had been advanced $53,647.50. the VP said and Osage Capital agreed we needed to just add $40,000.00 to our loan, that the VP would send his personal contractor down to do the work, and after the house was set then go after the G.C..

By November 12, 2007 we had hired attorney Jay Kirksey. We were told to mail a letter to both the G.C. and Osage C. and that he would mail a letter to the "entities" with in a week of my mailing my letters. Jay never did this, but he did finally mailed out a letter to the "entities" the last week in January. Leaving us little more than two weeks from the construction loan maturity date. We of course went past the due date on the loan, which meant Osage Capital could foreclose on us at anytime, even though we have never missed a payment.

In February of this year a conference call was made with the Loan Officer, the VP of the manufacturer of our home who was now representing SO&SO, someone from the manufacturer, and the G.C. who present at our attorney Jay Kirksey's law office along with myself. The only thing to come of this meeting was that there was to be another meeting set up between myself and family, the G.C and Michael Jones our structural engineer. This meeting would be held at the job site on my property. The G.C. also agreed to bring the lien waivers and a spreadsheet of the money spent and how much of the money was left.

Finally on March 17th of this year that meeting happened with the G.C., Michael Jones (our engineer), myself, and my granddaughter Sara Blankenship. This was to go over the reports with Michael Jones to try and resolve or find a remedy to the mistakes. And also to try and get date of when construction would get started again with the G.C. He also did not bring the lien waivers or spreadsheet per our attorney Jay Kirksey's request.

By the middle of April our attorney Jay Kirksey told us that he was sorry, he couldn't get the lien waivers or the spread sheet from the G.C., and that he had tried to bluff them all (G.C., SO&SO, Manufacture, Loan Office, and Osage Capital), but that it hadn't worked. Jay told us that he felt bad for us and that we could live above the law office. But until we could come up with $15,000.00 - $20,000.00 to give him he wouldn't file a law suit against the G.C., Loan Office, and Osage Capital. After this we felt that he had "dropped" us, so we let him go and have hired yet another attorney.

All we have to date is a general contractor who has left the job and has yet to account for the money advanced to him, a modular home that has been sitting in our pasture for almost ten months, and are being threatened by Osage Capital's attorney that at any time Osage Capital could or would start foreclosing on my farm and home unless they get paid immediately. We have also paid over $20,000.00 in interest alone to Osage Capital since August of 2007. SO&SO have been paid in full and the G.C. advanced money that he won't give an account of the spending.

We would like to thank you for taking the time to read this letter.


Joyce Lubbers and family (Kim Blankenship, Kristina Selle, and Sara Blankenship)

A little late...

For Easter, but timely.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Can you say...

Tax season is finally OVER.

Thank the LORD!!! A few days ago I could take NO more and I told everyone that there was to be NO more talking of taxes and questions of figures after 4:30PM. I just can't take it. With everything else going on I feel overwhelmed as it is.

Also for anyone reading, please pray for us today (OK anytime you think about it). I'm trying to get a craning company to crane the house to get it set. The first company doesn't have the right rigging, the second doesn't come this far, and the 3 and 4 are so far away that it would cost a fortune. Please pray with us that the second one with change their minds.

One of these days I'm going to post the letter that was to go to the AG of MO but never got there due to other things popping up.

Off to feed little 4 legged creatures! :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My favorite show!!!!

After MONTHS of waiting for the new season, it's finally happening tonight! Deadliest Catch is on tonight with their new season!!!! WOO HOO!!!! I just love that show. Why I don't know... well maybe I do... to a point.

Any way it's the only show I ever faithfully watch when it's with in my powers. At least it's somewhat real for a reality show. We all know that there has to be some "tweaking" to make it so interesting, but then there is also something to go on. Personally I think they should have a dairy reality show... To show mega farm families vs small farm families. Maybe people would have a clue then as to how things really happen (OR MAYBE how the majority of the REAL California cows are . And get a real view of the ups and downs of farming. The tears (from culling cows or loosing them in some freaky way) sleepless nights (due to panic attacks, cows calving, etc.), and battling to keep going in an industry we really have no control over. I know I would watch it! :)

Nothing much else is new around the ye ole farm. It's breezy, over cast, and chilly. The calves are getting over being weaned, goats are doing well, cows are milking... OH how I wish there were more of them milking. I feel in the mood to bake but I'm motivated to carry it out. Maybe I'll read or sew or something. Or not... I forgot... CRANE people coming and a retaining wall guy/guys are coming. So between feedings my day will be full. I'm so glad I don't have to face 7 bottle babies by myself. I do believe that would send me over the edge... at least for a short while. :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Over sleeping...

I rarely over sleep, I wake up with out fail between 7:00 and 7:30. This morning things are not going as planned. Ranger my overly chubby dog woke me up at 6:18 to go out. So I thought I'll just lay back down for a few minutes. A few minutes turned into 2 hours, when my grandmother came in and woke me up wanting to know where to shut of the water off to the milk barn. The hot water had broken and well was going EVERYWHERE! All I could think of was turning it off at the well house.

Then the phone rings. I'm NOT coherent yet. So all I say is OK, I'll tell her, OK, umm Hmm.... then I hang up the phone. I'm going to get dressed, I slice off a piece of cold ham and then notice there is a truck in the drive that's not ours. All I could think was "hmm how odd". My grandmother comes in again. The crane company is here to look at craning the house. HUH (still NOT comprehending things) OK... I'm coming... I finally get dressed and out the door. Then had to come back in and call the modular home manufacture for the CORRECT weight of the home. The guy was so happy to hear from me (NOT) but I got the weight.

SO all of this put me an hour late feeding the "kids". They were NOT happy and neither are the calves I'm weaning. For that matter neither am I. I don't fair well on a day when I've been woken up out of a sound sleep. I feel like a zombie. OK correction... how do I know what a zombie feels like... lets just say I'm not fully awake yet, and bed is looking like the best bet on this rainy day. Yes... that's right... more RAIN.

I hope everyone had a nice Easter!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!!

Sunday Stills

Summer Time in Review
Finally a Gerbera Daisy LIVED!!!

Seeing RED!
NOT our BULL, NOT our COWS. Our neighbor thinks it's just fine and dandy to let his herd of beef come over and eat our grass all summer long. GRRRRR

Seeing RED again... Those two shots were taken while chasing one of the 3 bulls that came calling last summer. Ignore the cracked window, I don't want to talk about it!

Summers bounty...

The lone survivor! Yup we got a WHOLE cherry last year!!! This year it's loaded with blossoms, so maybe we'll get 2 :)

There was nothing "new" in red this week. Everything is still just green, grey, with splashes of yellow, pink, creamy whites and purples. I don't get out much... can ya tell. I feel lucky if I can get more than 30 miles from home! Then I don't take my camera for fear someone will try to steal it... aren't I silly! Click for more Sunday Stills.
Have a Happy Easter everyone!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Can you hear me now???

It's been a wild day. Our new goat and her triplets came (she hasn't been letting the babies nurse due to cuts on her teats from the babies, so we are now going to bottle them part time), I made a quick trip to Bolivar, came home fed kids, then our neighbor the one I LOVE *being VERY sarcastic there* came and said "You've got a herd of Jerseys out" ME:"well I wondered where they were, I'll get them home in just a little bit." I was thinking not so nice thoughts, along the lines of: you know something I don't think 35 head of cows being over there for a couple of hours is going to kill you, your rented pasture, or all the brambles! Nothing like when YOUR bull got over here and hurt our bull so we lost a year of milk and calves on 70 head of cows because he could no longer bred and we didn't know it until it was too late. This having cost us over $50,000.00. Oh and I'm still waiting for you get that panel up.

Yup I've wanted to tell him that for years... However I never will. Let go and let God is my motto. It sure would be nice if I practiced what I preached. I do pretty good 99% of the time, it's that 1% that I have trouble with.

OK on to the new kids. Land a Goshen but do they have a set of lungs on them. My grandmother and I were working with Lightening (salve for you wounds), so I thought it would be a good time to try and feed the babies. I've never heard such noise come out of a babies in my life! And all of it done with in 3 inches of my ears. I have VERY sensitive ears anyway. Once it was so bad, it was so bad I thought I might not be able to hold on to her, because of the pain it inflicted on my ear drums. Hopefully tonight's feeding will go better.

Signing off... until tomorrow...

I Love Milk...

I found this while browsing, linking, hopping, skipping , and jumping from one goat site to another. Now you'll know how to say I Love Milk in 29 different languages! :)

I've decided that I HAVE to HAVE a mini-Nubian!!!!! OH my wonderful heavens they are SOOOOOOO cute! SO who is going to get me one???? Any takers?... Yeah I thought as much...

Later all!

Friday, April 10, 2009

It looks like rain...

Maybe because it has been raining?! I know, great deduction Watson. Boy I'm on top of things today aren't I. Oh well, today is a good day! Why may you ask, see that's the kicker... I can't tell you! ARGH!!!!!!!! OK well I can tell you this... after many weeks not knowing who, if, when, we were going to be able to set this modular home... it's all been settled. All that has to be done is everything signed and in it's proper place and we will be FREE of certain people!!!!

Happy days are here again, happy days are here AGAIN! I just want to shout it from the roof tops... Now I get to have my personal blog back... OK sort of... I just have to have it by invitation only. NO PROBLEM!!! OK slight problem... I don't like it but then I don't care for certain people who frequent that blog. People who just "LOVE" you and your family, and LIE like a rug on a dirty floor. Who would do almost anything to get out of being morally right. I'm not bitter really I'm not... HONEST!!!! Stop laughing... it's not nice. :) All we wanted was justice... I've learned this... there is little true justice here on earth and that you don't see the whole "picture", that's what really burns my biscuits the most. And then in turn that isn't right... as it leads to all sorts of carnal thoughts, NON-Christ likeness. It is just so HARD sometimes... especially when it involves your family and livelihood.

On the farming front... yet again our cows went walk about last night. Just 7 lovely ladies... although I'm sure neighbors from miles around heard me... OK slight exaggeration... even I can't scream that loud. :) any who got the lovely ladies home and did they want to go be milked? NOOOOOOOOOO, they wanted to run and play. Well being the good warden I am, I proceeded to MAKE them go on the holding pen and be milked. I would show them who's boss! Yeah right... would they come in the barn?! Heck NO! ... It was nights like last night that make me wonder "WHAT WAS I THINKING?!!?" when I was eighteen... and decided OH I want to milk cows... a dream...maybe sorta, guilt... maybe sorta, I don't know... Don't get me wrong, most of the time I love my cows and the farm. I couldn't function without either I doubt. Some how I thought there would be more to life than the constant highs and lows of milk prices, droughts and floods, danged bulls constantly being over here from the neighbors, cystic cows, mastitis, snow and blistering heat... I could go on but you get my point. All this comes to a head when people complain about the high food prices... did you know dairy is the ONLY food product that the price has come down on. I wish I could remember where I read that. If someone knows, please tell me...

OK I'm rambled on enough... chores are waiting... bottle goats, bottle calves, appointment with the tax lady (thankfully all I do is sign), looking at a milking doe maybe, getting binding for a baby quilt that should have been sent BEFORE the baby made it's arrival. And the list goes on...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Who needs a title?!

Yup, who needs it?! I can't come up with a good one anyway. My thoughts are many, energy is low, and I'm sleepy. So there ya have it.

Sewing: Slow but sure. I'm stripping away for my Log Cabin... I've just about decided that's all I ever want to sew. Until of course I see a patter I LOVE and then have to have to book to put it on my to do list.

Reading: Blogs

Cows: Milk production is UP. I just wish cow numbers in milk were also.

Goats: :-D growing, milking, and I believe finally maybe sort of coming around to being halfway, sort of normal. But then what is normal for an abused goat and her nutty daughter. Your guess is as good as mine!

Grass is growing, the sun was shining (it's night time y'all so the sun is shining in another part of the world), the flowers are blooming... Spring has sprung and I'm so very happy.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Baby it's cold outside!

I'm saying it right now... it's COLD! and I don't mean maybe. We have been having snow flurries ALL day long, off and on. And yes I'm complaining... it's been a long time since I've REALLY complained. :)

OK I'm done now. The newest members of the goat crew are settling in well. There have been some changes in names though. The 1st born is Rose, second is Sweet Pea, and the third is Pansy. :) A slight change from Ladybug, Lacy and Lucy ... However I'm going to incorporated them into their registered name so TECHNICALLY they will have that as their name... sort of. :)

It's been a long day of sorts, so I'm going to rest a little before feeding kids in a few hours.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Stills...

Yes I know I'm CUTE!



(Our WILD tom cat)

Mr. Harvey Flatbush


I loved this weeks challenge. Mainly because animals are about the only thing I take pictures of, beside demo of bad construction, the rebuilding of good construction, and the sky.

One thing I did want to clear up though, I do live in an Amish-Mennonite community. Mennonites to shorten it up. Anyway I didn't want to offend anyone. Our A.M.'s care little for their animals, go out of their way to hit and kill cats, snakes, turtles etc that happen to be in the road, the women can't wear any fabric if the print is larger than 1/4" (I personally don't think it's a sin as they do and I highly doubt that the God is measuring their gingham to make sure it's not over that quarter of an inch), we've yet to have one be a decent neighbor (I don't consider letting your bulls come calling and asking my 70 + year old grandmother to but their mean bull back through the fence because their scared of him and are too busy.). I could go on... but I'm sure you get my drift. So having said all that... I do apologize IF I did offend anyone. It wasn't in my heart to do so...

Off to take a gander at the other Sunday Still posts! Have a great week!!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Where do the days go???

I often wonder this. It's like where did yesterday go? and the day before that?! I thought surely I had made a post yesterday. I remember thinking about it... the thoughts and writing only to find out that there was no post... THEN I remembered... tiredness got the best of me!

So tonight before I get to tired I thought I would make a quick post... It's been a day. I was in the Queen City for the better part of daylight hours. Then it was off to pick up the CUTEST itter baby goats! One of these days I'll get pictures posted of the them along with nutty Tippee (the goat from H E double hockey sticks) and the rest of that crew.

I've decided goats are just the coolest thing... I can handle goats. Don't get me wrong... I love my cows... most of them... except for the ones who went walk about today and where in the neighbor up the road yard... Naughty little brown cows... :) At least HE was nice about it, unlike SOME neighbors, rather neighbor. BUT I shan't go there...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Well here I am... I have some time to "kill" before making the last feeding of the day to Viv and Vash and do some visiting with the other "kids". :)

Well I have to say that "Murders Row" is just about complete. We are getting another Doe (Lightening) and her triplets, and I'm getting a set of triplet Nubian/Saanen cross doelings. Am I nutz or what! I've already named MY Nubian/Saanen girls... As follows... Ladybug, Lacy, and Lucy! :) Their mothers name is Lady so I thought I should keep the L thing going.

So as follows:
Vivine, Vashti, and Valenicia (one of last years kids... don't even ask about Vanity it breaks my heart)
Sabrina: Sasha and Suzanna
Tippee and Tessie (both are supposed to be bred... WE'LL see about that)
Candy (I've changed it from a K) and Casper (soon to be a wether) and Cotton
Lightening along with Earth, Wind and Fire
Ladybug, Lacy, and Lucy.

Boy it seems so much more when I write them all down. Oh well I'm not thinking about it today. Off to feed the babies!