Saturday, April 25, 2009

Soap box

I have a new soap box that I can get on. It's about modular housing! The lack of laws, morals, and the hurt and pain it will take you on if God forbid you get stuck with the worst manufacture and dealer in your state. And NO I'm not saying all dealerships or manufactures are hard to deal with. I only know from my experience.

A statement was said yesterday that has just struck a cord with me. Christians are the worst to persecute other Christians. Has anyone else noticed this. The Christians who "pray" for you only to turn around and stab you in the back? We've all dealt with them, haven't we??? For us it was more than one over this housing deal. They all were praying for us, and then at least for the dealership... And then tried to get out of setting the home (which they have because we had to settle) and blame everything that has happened on my 75 year old grandmother. How is it that these kind of people seemingly get away with things like this?

I will tell everyone that asks about this house what has happened. Everyone only wants to go by the letter of the law, or how their company is set up. Where is the kindness, helpfulness, morally sound judgements? Would it really hurt these people to help and not just think of themselves? I guess so. It's the all mighty dollar... that is all these kind of people care about. The only comfort I get is knowing God knows and it in control (OK as I've said before this is hard for me at times... :) )These people will reap what they have sown.

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