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Guidelines for the Modern Fabric Swap

For this swap we will be doing Fat eighths (9x22) or (11x18)

1. You MUST swap at least 6 pieces per yardage (3/4 of a yard will give you your 6 pieces). And send it folded neatly. If you want to add a small label with your name and email address that would be fine (helps to keep things neat)
2. Do NOT wash your fabrics.
3. Do NOT include the salvages. Some are wider than others and it's only fair that everyone gets the same size. So cut them off please. :)
4. Quilt shop quality only. (there are some GREAT sites out there and you can find some awesome deals on clearance with very little in shipping)
5. Send a SASE along with your fabric. No SASE no fabric until I get one.

You may swap as few or as many pieces as you wish. Also, I will try to do my best so that you will not get any duplicates back (granted there is the possibility you would get the same pattern in a different color).

All fabric must be to me by July 15th 2010 or sooner. Plans are to have it back in the mail no later than Aug. 1st 2010.