Saturday, April 11, 2009

Can you hear me now???

It's been a wild day. Our new goat and her triplets came (she hasn't been letting the babies nurse due to cuts on her teats from the babies, so we are now going to bottle them part time), I made a quick trip to Bolivar, came home fed kids, then our neighbor the one I LOVE *being VERY sarcastic there* came and said "You've got a herd of Jerseys out" ME:"well I wondered where they were, I'll get them home in just a little bit." I was thinking not so nice thoughts, along the lines of: you know something I don't think 35 head of cows being over there for a couple of hours is going to kill you, your rented pasture, or all the brambles! Nothing like when YOUR bull got over here and hurt our bull so we lost a year of milk and calves on 70 head of cows because he could no longer bred and we didn't know it until it was too late. This having cost us over $50,000.00. Oh and I'm still waiting for you get that panel up.

Yup I've wanted to tell him that for years... However I never will. Let go and let God is my motto. It sure would be nice if I practiced what I preached. I do pretty good 99% of the time, it's that 1% that I have trouble with.

OK on to the new kids. Land a Goshen but do they have a set of lungs on them. My grandmother and I were working with Lightening (salve for you wounds), so I thought it would be a good time to try and feed the babies. I've never heard such noise come out of a babies in my life! And all of it done with in 3 inches of my ears. I have VERY sensitive ears anyway. Once it was so bad, it was so bad I thought I might not be able to hold on to her, because of the pain it inflicted on my ear drums. Hopefully tonight's feeding will go better.

Signing off... until tomorrow...

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