Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday Stills

Summer Time in Review
Finally a Gerbera Daisy LIVED!!!

Seeing RED!
NOT our BULL, NOT our COWS. Our neighbor thinks it's just fine and dandy to let his herd of beef come over and eat our grass all summer long. GRRRRR

Seeing RED again... Those two shots were taken while chasing one of the 3 bulls that came calling last summer. Ignore the cracked window, I don't want to talk about it!

Summers bounty...

The lone survivor! Yup we got a WHOLE cherry last year!!! This year it's loaded with blossoms, so maybe we'll get 2 :)

There was nothing "new" in red this week. Everything is still just green, grey, with splashes of yellow, pink, creamy whites and purples. I don't get out much... can ya tell. I feel lucky if I can get more than 30 miles from home! Then I don't take my camera for fear someone will try to steal it... aren't I silly! Click for more Sunday Stills.
Have a Happy Easter everyone!


  1. Great the daisy!! :)

  2. Awesome! Quite a bit of "bounty"!

  3. Happy Easter!
    Lovely red photos, but that is terrible about the neighbor's cattle. What a shame. Hope you have a great day just the same!

  4. Happy Easter. And they are lovely. Very sorry about the neighbors cattle though. I would be seeing a lot of red if our neighbors came visiting. He runs about 10 different bulls with his milking herd, and we have a registered herd. Then after a short amount of red I think the air would prolly turn bluer than normal...

  5. Happy Easter. We had our neighbors cattle in our front yard this Spring as well. He finally got juice to his fence. Loved your pics.

  6. Summers Bounty! Makes me smile so happy!

    The lone funny. Hope you get more than 2 this year. :)

    Happy Easter!


    wor verification says: purti

    Everything looks so purti over here.

  7. LOL I had to laugh! We have cattle, but are constantly having trouble with the neighbors cattle coming to visit ours! It even resulted in knee surgery for my farmer...dont ask...long story and a crazy cow of theirs! LOL Great shots!

  8. Nice shots and Happy Easter..:-)

  9. Great shots and a very literal red! Loved the daisy such a happy flower

  10. I love the one lone cherry - get some bees and you may have better luck!

  11. Hahaha I was thinking along the lines of "seeing red" myself, but nothing pissed me off too bad. :) Great shots!

  12. The red daisy is beautiful, but all your canned goods are just wonderful...I'm jealous!