Monday, April 20, 2009


Lets have a do over weekend. I feel that it just totally slipped by me and I didn't get a chance to even enjoy it!? Not that I ever do enjoy a weekend, however it's nice to relax. It seemed like I was on the go for the whole time!

I did get to sew some, and sorted strips by colors into little plastic bins to make it easier for me to sort out what I want to go next. I'm going to try it at least. We'll see what happen. I need to take some pictures, some how I just forget.

Lets see, what's on tap for this week. Hmmm... I don't have a clue. A lot of phone calls, chores, catching up on sleep (I'm ready to head back to bed right now).

OH OH OH!!!! GUESS WHAT??? Oh you'll never guess... I've hired a CRANE CREW!!!!!!!!! And I don't even know how I did it either. He showed up yesterday afternoon and said we can do it, call me when it's alittle drier (we had a couple of inches of rain over the weekend) and I'll be here!!! OH HAPPY DAYS! Now to call the set crew guy and have them get in contact with each other. :) It's such a relief, someone who kept their word!

That then leads me to the two shows I watched over the weekend. Anymore I'm not much for watching TV, however a new Little House on the Prairie was on, on Saturday. Did anyone watch this? I was SO SO SO upset. WHY can't they be just alittle more accurate? Would that be so hard for Hollywood? They didn't have Carrie for one thing. I mean I know there has to be some changes, but to take out CARRIE?! And this always bugs me about Jack, he was a BULLDOG.Not a mutt (TV series) or an Australian Shepard. The whole thing led me to trying to find the books that we have packed away. OH WELL let it go right? OK but they also wreaked the Love Comes Softly series of books. I loved that series! I know it by heart! And they just made a mess of it.

Second movie I watched. It was the Irena Sendler story. It brought my to tears. And to THINK Al Gore got the Peace Prize instead of her. That just make me want to scream! But I don't have time... I'm late for chores as it is.


  1. I only saw the last part of the Irena Sendler story and too was brought to tears. When I told my hubby who had won the Peace Prize instead of her I had tears again. What a great story to have been hidden for so many years.

  2. Ooooh, I want to do the weekend over too! Except for chores I didn't do anything, just read and read and read. It was great!