Saturday, April 18, 2009

What a day...

Do you ever have one of those days where everything goes perfect? Yeah... me either. BUT I was on my way yesterday! Until... 3 o'clock. I had to go to town and mail a couple of packages, so I went by the back to cash the Guvment' check we got (I'm out of checks). Which sent me into a WHOLE afternoon into downward spiral. I'll spare you the details other than why can't a simple thing just be simple anymore?! Now we all have to go and sign to make the changes to the account. ARGH do we NOT have other things to do? I guess not.

Then things looked up as I headed to and left the post office. I had to call the FSA office seeing if they had some info the bank needs. Well I got the wrong number the first time, so I thought OK I'll just stop in. Was anyone there??? NO all the lights were on, but no one would answer, so I got the right number and decided to call on my way to Dollar General (I'm making our fabric softener). I try to call FSA again... NO one ANSWERS. Cars were in the parking lot so I KNOW they were there... somewhere... Then I call home. Would anyone answer??? NO... I thought surely the rapture hasn't happened... surely God wouldn't leave me here! And I know not every one at FSA would go... (I was thinking of a certain person at another office, pray for your enemies, repent, forgiveness, REPENT) I did finally get someone at home and brought home dinner... Why do I keep getting Sonic food? I would have been better off getting the chicken at the supermarket. Oh well.

Farm happenings, Rose is doing OK, all other kids are just a crazy as ever! Grass is trying to grow and green up..., the cows are shedding like craze and most look moth eaten, :) And there are chances of rain all week-end. Oh joy and thrill Divine!

Well I best be going... chores ya know... Maybe Valencia kidded during the night. We can only hope. OH I did get to feel on of the kids while I petting her :) the little one was doing flip flops! She is so heavy with kid that she is miserable most of the day. We keep praying and hoping today will be THE day. Nothing yet...

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  1. Here's a prayer for Valencia ... that everything comes out okay! (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

    Also just wanted you to know that things are going to be insanely busy the next couple weeks, so if you don't hear much from me, keep the faith and I'll be around more next month.