Friday, April 17, 2009

It always happens...

Always! The Sun rises, the sun sets, rises, sets, rises, sets... I'm always utterly amazed that the morning comes every morning. Better it come in the morning when it's supposed to right?!

I'm dragging today... between not being sleepy at midnight, a dog waking you up at 1:18, and then another dog at 5:45... it's been a long night or is it morning. I don't know! Anyway!!! Here I am, up at in half of my right mind! KIDDING!! I'm all here... everything is just fuzzy.

Last night I had a scare with Rose. You remember the cute little kid I bought a few weeks ago. Well she wouldn't eat, was bloated, but was running and jumping, SO after her cocci treatment, a shot, and some probiotic's I'm sure all will be well this AM. I'm praying so.

No new news on the crane setting of the house. I'm calling today and begging. What else can I do? Cry! I'm not past it at this point. I've done my fair share this week anyway, what's a few more tears? Half the time we feel like just throwing in the towel and letting the chips fall where they may, the other half we are fighting to stay afloat and get to some distant shore.

OK enough of that here is something to make you smile! So smile! This is Vashti when she was little... Now she is over 25 pounds and still thinks she's 10 pounds! What a sweetie!

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