Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Well here I am... I have some time to "kill" before making the last feeding of the day to Viv and Vash and do some visiting with the other "kids". :)

Well I have to say that "Murders Row" is just about complete. We are getting another Doe (Lightening) and her triplets, and I'm getting a set of triplet Nubian/Saanen cross doelings. Am I nutz or what! I've already named MY Nubian/Saanen girls... As follows... Ladybug, Lacy, and Lucy! :) Their mothers name is Lady so I thought I should keep the L thing going.

So as follows:
Vivine, Vashti, and Valenicia (one of last years kids... don't even ask about Vanity it breaks my heart)
Sabrina: Sasha and Suzanna
Tippee and Tessie (both are supposed to be bred... WE'LL see about that)
Candy (I've changed it from a K) and Casper (soon to be a wether) and Cotton
Lightening along with Earth, Wind and Fire
Ladybug, Lacy, and Lucy.

Boy it seems so much more when I write them all down. Oh well I'm not thinking about it today. Off to feed the babies!

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