Friday, April 3, 2009

Where do the days go???

I often wonder this. It's like where did yesterday go? and the day before that?! I thought surely I had made a post yesterday. I remember thinking about it... the thoughts and writing only to find out that there was no post... THEN I remembered... tiredness got the best of me!

So tonight before I get to tired I thought I would make a quick post... It's been a day. I was in the Queen City for the better part of daylight hours. Then it was off to pick up the CUTEST itter baby goats! One of these days I'll get pictures posted of the them along with nutty Tippee (the goat from H E double hockey sticks) and the rest of that crew.

I've decided goats are just the coolest thing... I can handle goats. Don't get me wrong... I love my cows... most of them... except for the ones who went walk about today and where in the neighbor up the road yard... Naughty little brown cows... :) At least HE was nice about it, unlike SOME neighbors, rather neighbor. BUT I shan't go there...

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