Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Days go by...

Where do the days run off to? Wasn't it just Sunday? Here we are at Wednesday... With a full day... OK full morning to be gotten started.

Recap of the past few days, Lincy kidded Sat or Sun. I don't remember which day. Two little buckling's..., we played Hand and Foot then Pitch with my Great Aunt and Uncle on Sunday evening. I swear, I don't get Pitch., Monday dawned with rain on the horizon and me building electric fence, Tuesday mom and I went to Versailles to just get away from it all. I personally needed a time out from the farm and constantly thinking about all what is going on with the house. I don't get how you can buy a complete house and yet not get it all. Can someone explain that to me? I would really like to know. Hmmm what else happened... OH the cows got out on Sat. and day across the road... I can't remember if I have previously mentioned that. Milk in the tank is up!!! So there is some joy in Mud ville. :)

I'm off to get this posted and start on my day before the rains come... AGAIN...


  1. Yay on the milk production being up! Always good news.
    Sorry to hear that the cows got out though.
    I do hate it when that happens.
    Hang in there!

  2. Isn't it though... Since the electric fence has been up the girls have been somewhat depressed, no more running all over creation! :)