Sunday, April 26, 2009

What a weekend...

Wind (L.Black) Earth (R. Red and Black)

Lightening feeding Wind (L.) and Earth (R.)
I have no clue where Fire was...

It's been a busy weekend and it's not even over with! Yesterday morning the goats when AWOL so they had to be fed early, which turned out to be a good things. It gave me the time to get wormer, an emasculater and the bands (there are some little boy goats who need to taken care of) and I also needed to get some groceries.
Between, chasing cows out of the neighbors strawberry patch (I felt SO bad... thankfully they just ran and didn't do much if any damage.) Jerseys are just social cows and like to go visiting! :) sigh..., I managed to get some of the goats wormed, became Tessie's BEST friend in giving her animal crackers for being such a good goat for letting me trim her feet! Cleaned and scrubbed the swing (so I could seal it) Chased calves at 10 on Saturday night, wormed the cows, and today I've managed to get the rest of the goats wormed, sealed and stained the swing. And then helped to make the oddest Sunday dinner ever... Scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, bacon... with Angel food cake, strawberries, and whipped cream for dessert.
Now I'm off to do something like relax... if that's at all possible!

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