Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My favorite show!!!!

After MONTHS of waiting for the new season, it's finally happening tonight! Deadliest Catch is on tonight with their new season!!!! WOO HOO!!!! I just love that show. Why I don't know... well maybe I do... to a point.

Any way it's the only show I ever faithfully watch when it's with in my powers. At least it's somewhat real for a reality show. We all know that there has to be some "tweaking" to make it so interesting, but then there is also something to go on. Personally I think they should have a dairy reality show... To show mega farm families vs small farm families. Maybe people would have a clue then as to how things really happen (OR MAYBE how the majority of the REAL California cows are . And get a real view of the ups and downs of farming. The tears (from culling cows or loosing them in some freaky way) sleepless nights (due to panic attacks, cows calving, etc.), and battling to keep going in an industry we really have no control over. I know I would watch it! :)

Nothing much else is new around the ye ole farm. It's breezy, over cast, and chilly. The calves are getting over being weaned, goats are doing well, cows are milking... OH how I wish there were more of them milking. I feel in the mood to bake but I'm motivated to carry it out. Maybe I'll read or sew or something. Or not... I forgot... CRANE people coming and a retaining wall guy/guys are coming. So between feedings my day will be full. I'm so glad I don't have to face 7 bottle babies by myself. I do believe that would send me over the edge... at least for a short while. :)


  1. I love the idea of a dairy show! The logging, fishing, ice road and other work related shows have brought unusual life styles into urban living rooms. I think it would be great for dairying to do the same. People have no clue what goes into producing food for them...and they should.
    Good wishes and prayers for your crane project. Hope they come through for you.

  2. OH MY.... I LOVE Deadliest Catch. I think it satisfies my need for adventure. Not much adventure here on the Illinois prairie. I think a dairy show or a farm show in general would be great. Most people simply do not know how the pork chop got on the plate. See, it would be educational too!!

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

  3. three c's: Thanks for the prayers we need them! At this moment I'm waiting on a call to see if one crane company will use another companies rigging. ARGH... and for once I would LOVE to hear from our atty.

    Suzanne: I know what you mean on needing adventure. Then I think, isn't farming adventure enough!? :) What part of IL.? My family came from up there and even though I've lived in MO for all but a year of my life I feel at home in the IL. countryside.