Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Who needs a title?!

Yup, who needs it?! I can't come up with a good one anyway. My thoughts are many, energy is low, and I'm sleepy. So there ya have it.

Sewing: Slow but sure. I'm stripping away for my Log Cabin... I've just about decided that's all I ever want to sew. Until of course I see a patter I LOVE and then have to have to book to put it on my to do list.

Reading: Blogs

Cows: Milk production is UP. I just wish cow numbers in milk were also.

Goats: :-D growing, milking, and I believe finally maybe sort of coming around to being halfway, sort of normal. But then what is normal for an abused goat and her nutty daughter. Your guess is as good as mine!

Grass is growing, the sun was shining (it's night time y'all so the sun is shining in another part of the world), the flowers are blooming... Spring has sprung and I'm so very happy.


  1. Been there on the title thing, goats milk cheese is fantastic, you are lucky..:-)

  2. I've never tried goats milk cheese, however I'm going to try my hand at making some. The Feta I did last year you could have bounced like a ball!