Saturday, May 16, 2009

Gardens, Goats, and of course RAIN...

I'm beginning to wonder if I could go more than 2 days without mentioning the rain. I do believe we hit a record yesterday for going almost 40 whole HOURS without a drop of precipitation. A cold front was pushing in and gave us another inch or more of moisture. :) I was of course out in this downpour looking for THIS dog. After all I didn't want him to get wet and cold. No I saved that little pleasure for myself. He was content under a trailer and horrible me made him come in the house.

Yesterday I had planned on getting at least the flower garden around the mail box planted. Well I got part of it planted and then it was time to feed the "kids" and that of course meant we had to let them out for "play" time. This ended shortly after they were let out since Sweet Pea would NOT keep off the deck with all the flowers (goats LOVE Viola's) it was just a hot and humid afternoon and my mood seemed to the same.

On a good note/notes: a neighbor came and tilled the garden so it can at least dry up some before it gets tilled again, it's strawberry season and we currently have almost 20 pounds in the freezer or refrigerator no thanks to me. I'll wash, snub, slice, eat, bag... I just don't pick them. I say let someone else pick them and pay them! But that's me... I don't mind picking blackberries though. In a "tame" patch that is. Yes I'm picky if you've not noticed. :)

OFF for chores!!!! Who wants to help?!?! :)

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