Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nothing goes as planned...

WHY oh WHY do I ever think that just ONE thing can go as planned? I didn't get on stitch sewn on Tuesday, that happened yesterday. And of course that didn't go as planned either.

Between sewing for a women (my grandmother who I really do love) BUT would be happy if she just went around wear clothes that are 5 sizes to big so they don't "touch" her... sigh... this dress I'm attempting to sew is somewhat fitted. NOT that bad... but it will look very nice on her once it's done. BUT of course the bias tape wouldn't do right, the size is off, I was sick (or feeling that way), and all in all it was a hot humid day in MAY in MISSOURI!

And to top it off I keep forgetting to mail a package that should have been mail weeks ago! Today is shaping up to be a wonderful day though, by FAITH! :)

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