Friday, May 1, 2009

Random thoughts...

For the most part anymore random thoughts are all I have. They pop into my head only to flutter away in an instant. I keep saying it's due to stress, which is entirely possible. Half the time I can't remember what I was thinking just a few minutes before.

Here are some of my random thoughts...

Scraping the holding pen down..."Paradise?! HA... who ever said farming was paradise needs to come and do THIS in the rain... and THEN we'll see how much of a paradise it is!"

On finding 2 baby possums (NOTE: I LOVE possums!)"Dog gone dogs! Like I need to be taking care of baby possums NOW." and then when I called the conservation department..."GRRRRRRRRRRR" They told me OH just put them back out there, and give them shelter... Hopfully the mother will come back. Well the mother did come out of hiding, however she is badly hurt. I did manage to "give" the babies back but highly doubt any will survive.

Things having to deal with the house.... "!#$%!#^$ $>>>......@%$*%^@!!!!!!!" No not really but that's how I feel... And why is it SO hard for people to call me back?!

Ants.... What are their purpose? Other than biting me in the middle of the night?! Does anyone have a sure fire way to kill them? We are infested with them.

Face book... will I ever really understand it's purpose in life???? I'm just not the social butterfly type I guess...

OK folks it's going to be a long day... signing off from a rain soaked and flooded by creek/creeks (the two creeks that border us... they become the same creek at the back of us). It POURED last night... well early this AM it was coming down so hard I couldn't see the milk barn from the kitchen!

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