Friday, May 29, 2009

Not Normal...

It's not normal:

To be wearing a sweatshirt on the 29 of May in this part of Missouri. But it was chilly this AM...

To have missing rafters in your home that was just craned on... Nope not going there just NOT going to go there... OK OK OK I'll go there... HOW is it when you buy a home, that it's not all there? I don't understand... I JUST DON'T GET IT! Why can everyone under the sun (or so it seems) pass the blame except me, wonderful ME? I'm sure once I hear back from DT at FUQUA, that it will be all my fault and that I just don't have the intelligence to see it. Sigh... Just you wait... And some where there is a Jersey in heat and nursing something or some jersey they should! *Private joke*

To be me... I'm just not normal... nor do I want to be. So that does not really bother me.

Other things of Note:

The CORN IS UP, I REPEAT the CORN is UP! Houston we have Baby corn stalks! *doing the inner dance of joy* cause I'm to tired to do much of anything else except spell 3 letter words wrong...

The beans are up.

Blackberries are blooming... all 10 blossoms... :-/

Sun is shining... WOW *that was sarcastic*

The David Austen Roses are in full bloom... Oh how I wish there was scratch and sniff computer screens... this scent is heavenly... and I personally hope that when I do get to Heaven there is a garden full of these roses!

My current addictions:

FarmTown on Facebook... it's sad y'all. Other wise I want to move to my "farm" this could be concidered not normal. I wish farming could be this fun and easy...

Barqs Root Beer... I think it has something to do with the vanilla in it... I read where the vanilla in pop is a stress releiver. DO NOT LAUGH! That's an order! It's true I read it in a magazine. So there... *going off to find that blasted magzine for PROOF!*

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  1. Sara, we all know you're not normal but we love you anyway. I would be so perturbed by now that I would have thrown in the towel. You gals have got to have the patience of Job. I'll be thinking about you.