Thursday, May 28, 2009

Setting of the house...

Yes I know, nothing to do with the setting of the house... But isn't her de tweestest ting?!

OK It's been a week... so I thought I would get around to writing out what went down, up, on... It all started on Weds. evening when the Mr.G, his massive crane, and helper showed up. This was news to us since we knew nothing about setting the house.

Thursday morning dawned sunny and all in all a beautiful day. The set crew showed up around 8 or so and began the long task maneuvering, unwrapping, cutting notches, etc, so forth and so on. Mennonites started showing up around 10 that morning. :)

We waited and waited and waited, the house would be up in the air and then down, UP... down... in the mean time the rigging truck was not running right and so a Mennonite neighbor was trying to help and there were many a trips all several parties here there and yon to get wrenches, parts, etc...

Finally around 3 in the afternoon, the first half was set. There was a tiny blip in communication's as to which half was was going where. It cost us SEVERAL hours all because no one wanted to admit they (one person NOT ME) was wrong. Just like a man... LOL anyway , everything finally wrapped up at about 8:30 that evening... Finally... the guys were so tired, many a sandwich was fixed and eaten.

This brings us back to the afor mentioned rigging truck that would run right. I swear... I don't think much wanted to go right that day. Mr.G's helper drove the truck into the pit at the back of the house... not a good thing. He got stuck and couldn't get out. Which ment that James had to unload his remote track... I WANT one of those things... they are SOOOOO neat! Anyway they get it pulled out and then leave. I personally think they were more than ready to blow this popsickle stand... LOL

Since their truck wouldn't run, we decided to offer then our Tahoe to take home. And they did! Bless them... they were so tired and it was so late. Their repairman came back the next day to fix the truck. And they brought back the Tahoe, and we got to watch over the crane for the next 4 days!

And so there you have it. The house is slowly coming out of it kinks and twisting. Cracks are moving and I hope not grooving. It still doesn't seem normal for the house to be set and not in the pasture. Nope not normal at all. I'm sure after another 19 monthes it will seem normal that it's setting where it should. Time will tell.

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