Monday, May 11, 2009

Starting over…

OK this will be a second try at blogging this AM. ARGH don’t you just hate when that happens? You are on a roll, speeding down the written HWY at speeds you weren’t even aware of and then you CRASH. Lose everything!  Oh well…

SO, I thought I would do a little map of where I am to where I went on Sat. :). I’ve been pouring over the map I got. I know, seems strange to look at a map after the fact, but I like to know were I’ve been.

Map picture

OK so today will be a busy day. An inflation split over the week-end and since we want HAPPY cows I’ll need to get it fixed ASAP. And of course the closest place to get them is in Springfield, I’ll be running (not literally) to get a couple of sets.

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