Sunday, May 10, 2009

No Sunday Stills -Welcome JACK!

At least this week. FOR the LIFE of ME, yours truly here, can't figure out the editing program for my camera and it's pictures. SO y'all will just have to deal with pictures of the new man in my life :) . It's he SWEET! Everyone this is Crosstimbers Farm Jack Frost. I went and picked him up yesterday. It was over a 700 mile round trip. Thankfully nothing went terribly wrong. I just was stuck in traffic going and coming, almost rear ended a semi... HEY he's the one that slammed on his brakes, paid a small fortune to the ODT in tolls. Which I would like to know... did I have to stop at every blessed tole booth from here to kingdom come?!?!?! I've decided if I go back this fall for some does, I'm getting a PIKE PASS! Sakes alive that got old yesterday. Things I learned: The MO McDonald's gives you no ice (OK hardly any) in your drink and the OK ones are terribly chlorinated... cough gag..., I went thru I don't know how many Indian Reserves, there seems to be a casino in every town, and the speed limit is 75!!!! :-) Ya gotta love that! I had to buy 2 qts of oil for our Yukon (that was a little scary, thankfully there was a very nice man you helped me as I couldn't get the oil cap off!)
SO all it all it was a good day. I left at 7:21 AM and got back at 8:32 PM.
The storms that blew thru on Friday AM still has town in the dark. NO electricity... One grocery store is open and the feed store (if it wasn't a Sunday and I wasn't trying to be good OH what little snotty and sarcastic thing I would love to say), Wally World was supposed to open at 3 yesterday.
Thankfully we were only with out power for those few hours in the AM. Any more when the light blink I get jumpy with the thought of the power going out. It's funny though... when there is a threat of bad weather you go into the mode of: what needs to be done in case we lose power. Any more I always keep water tanks topped off if at all possible. That's the main thing of course. There isn't much I can do in the way of keeping the milk cooled down. OH how I would love a generator... A big HUGE one that would run the farm. :)
And before I forget... HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the wonderful Mothers out there....

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