Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Road Rage…

Normally I’m not one that would get road rage… However, today was just one of THOSE days when things like this happen.

It started out with it being the off Tuesday. Always more stressful than the regular Tuesdays. Any way… I decided in my GRAND and glorious mind how things would go… AND we all know what happens when we do that. Things just start falling apart.

The goats were bratty for starters. Then in my effort to call up the dry cows, heifers, and bulls so we could get them separated to work tomorrow (the last time if you’ll remember we were froze out). SO would they all come? HA! that would just be toooo easy. This led me to having to go in search of them with a dog who had just been sprayed by a skunk… Some days it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed Y’all! I finally get them up to the pen, would they go thru the gate???? NOOOOOOO they just stood there like idiots.

They finally did go thru and we managed to get the separated. I’ll leave out that “fun” story for another time.

OK this takes us to the afternoon hours… the “plan” was to get my hair washed, feed the goats, dry up cows and get the final two bulls in to be worked and then go to the chiropractor and be home by 4:00, 5:00 at the latest. Got my hair washed, fed the goats, gave up the “idea” of drying up and getting the two final bulls penned up, and was on my way to the chiropractor at 4:00.

I was a wee bit tizzed, tired, and tense. So in an abnormal for me act I take the MAIN hwy in to Springfield for the WHOLE drive. All was going well until I get behind a truck who was behind a minivan that was going either over the center line or to far to the right. He was of course talking on his cell phone. Finally got past him, several semi’s, and into Springfield I flew… NEVER in my life have I ever honked the horn while driving, today was a first. You see I was in the right hand lane. Someone was next to me so I couldn’t go to the left when the cars were trying to merge onto the HWY. SO this very intelligent person *rolling my eyes* slows down then speeds up, I have NO where to go, so I slow down as much as possible. Would he just pull in??? NO he SLOWS DOWN! So I speed up to pass him so he can get in… then he speeds up, and almost hits me… so I honked the horn, and it did seem to phase him in the least. I was ticked… so I just got off at the next exit.

WHY are people SO wrapped up in just themselves? Don’t we all have places and family we love and want to see again? But NO their are those who text, call, weave in and out of traffic because THEY have some place to be and don’t want to be in convinced. AND that is why I try to stay HOME and just go to my Podunk little town.

North, South, East , West…. Home is always best… even with stupid cattle, bratty goats, nutty dogs, roosters who will attack if you don’t be carful, and sneaky horse.   IMG_1911 (Small)

Victory having fun on the dirt mound…

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