Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Long day...

Yesterday was that in a nutshell...

Chores seemed never ending, mom and K. had a chiropractor appointment, laundry (hey I did get one load out and one going!), more chores, ran the check over to the bank, got something for dinner... Red Beans and Rice TODAY for sure, then at some point in the day I thought it would be a good idea after evening chores to go and see if Sears had a clearance/closeout dryer.

You see a few weeks back (has it been a few weeks? I don't remember) ANYWAY, our dryer went to appliance hell heaven... just a short 6 months after spending $95.00 on parts to fix it. Isn't that just life... back to the point, I had called down earlier in the day to see if they had ANY on clearance and what they were... the answer none... I said your sure there are NONE we can bring home today? No I'm sorry, they all need to be ordered. To myself I was thinking... YEAH RIGHT! They ALWAYS have clearance/closeouts/returns so at around 8 mom and I hop in the Yukon and were on the mission of ordering a dryer (does anyone know how fun it is to dry clothes when it's been raining out for days? the house was beginning to look like a Chinese laundry). So we got to the Mall/Sears 15 minutes before closing time, found a dryer that was ON clearance, and wonder of wonders it was in the back of the vehicle 2 minutes after closing. :)

I decided to get the extended warranty on the thing... after all you can get rid of it with in the first year, milk it for all it's worth, call and they will refund you the money. :) Why not I thought. So as I type a dryer is on the property awaiting to be hauled in, set up, and used. Just in time for the storms later this week.

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