Sunday, April 11, 2010



"Redneck Fountain" 
or water tank running over if you farm... :)

Just for AKAGAGA :)

getting some beauty sleep...


Possum FINALLY had a heifer!


Spirit's latest contribution to the heifer force... She's a wicked kicker!

Tulip finally had a heifer for us... I thought both were lost. Tulip went AWOL for TWO days! and then showed up in good health with her. :)

This is what I'm greeted with EVERY morning... Bless their itter hearts...


  1. Phoenix! It's my Phoenix!!! I love the white ring around her nose. Thanks, Sara!

    She does look a little pooped, tho ... or is she just being ornery? :)

    And thanks for the violets. The only thing blooming here so far are the dandelions.