Monday, April 12, 2010


Right now I'm waiting for milk to warm, so I can feed the calves. Then come in, shower, and maybe sew a little or go to bed.

This cold, while not a bad cold like some I've had... is draining all energy and mental clarity I have. By the time I've finished with AM chores... I'm so tired that it take all day to just gear up for evening chores. Everybody is asking if I have allergies... NOPE it's cold... then I get that look like I have the plague or something... I think I'll just say it's allergies from now on... *cough cough... ohhh my aching head*

Nite all...

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  1. As it often goes,I have not been by in a while. Hey! Thanks for the notes you've been leaving here and there on my blog. I caught up with just what's "on screen" here. Hope your grandmother is doing better. (Same hope for you all). Hope you get that cold over and out. We've finally quit being sick. Yeah! Love the play time, the "lion and the lamb", the Nubian goat's EARS! Enjoyed seeing bits of the farm. Take care! Jenn