Saturday, April 10, 2010

And so

I did it. In a rash moment of I don't know what... I emailed a letter to the editor of Hoards. We'll blame it on being tired, getting kicked wickedly by a calf this AM (and I it was more than one little kick... it was over and over and over again, me screaming and crying... calf fed and not happy with me) and trying not to catch the cold that my dear mother has had.

This a pet peeve or two of mine...

#1. Writing a letter to the editor, asking them to withhold your name, and then they publish it! GRRRR  If people are to whimpy to not want to be known they have no business writing letters and being published.

#2. Farmers who get up and say... Oh I made a profit even during last years HORRIBLE milk prices. I really don't see a problem with how the industry is being ran. To them... good for you on making a profit! Wish I could say the same thing. But has anyone ever noticed that it is these whimpy guys saying all this horse hockey that get put on the news, or have their letter put into print, and that our congressman, senetors, and representatives hear and listen to?

ARGH!!!!!!! I need a nap... And to Mr or Ms Name Withheld in Indiana stand up for something even if it means just letting your name be known. I can respect that... not the other....

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