Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rudely Awakened

OK so I've not been sleeping the greatest as of late, I had finally managed to get some good sleep going this morning only to be awakened by a loud siren, coming, going and flying by that was on the top of one of our Mennonite neighbors trucks... I don't know which one... He had overalls, a black quad cab Chevy truck, ball cap, and cell phone... :)

So anyway way now I'm dragging... I should have been out and knee deep into chores by now. Just can't seem to manage to drag myself to get up and going. Just a little more sleep... SLEEP... what a beautiful word.

All in all I hope nothing horrible wrong was going on... it seems odd that there would be a fire with all the rain we would have gotten through the night. But who know! And he was the only one that went zooming by... sounding his siren and flashing lights... the light was blue BTW.

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