Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Busy day...

Yesterday that is... today has yet to start. I'm just sitting here in my jammies, wondering, pondering, sniffling, and being glad yesterday is over.

A lot went on yesterday that's for sure. I finally managed to get the electric fence up so the calves can get out on grass. woo hoo for me!!!! and for them. My two scour babies seem to be holding their own. Which is a good thing.

Over the weekend we had some not so fun stuff come up that didn't get resolved until yesterday. Our milk check was sent out early. I was thrilled until I opened it... granted I knew it wouldn't be good but there was a surprise. It was stamped with a big RED NOT A CHECK DIRECT DEPOSIT... EGADS we didn't have an account where I had sent the form back in DEC. for it to be direct deposited. They couldn't do the direct deposit then because... now get this... the numbers were to small. But this month it was hunky dory?! WHAT THE WHO!?!?!?! I was in a panic all weekend. Thought all was well on Monday, then found out it wasn't at noon and that sent me into another panic. Thankfully all is well no... I hope. Thankfully D. at our co-ops accounting firm is always wonderful to work with and actually understands.

Hmm what else... OH the baby goats are now juvenile delinquents, my babies... I know hard to believe. *smile* They deem it great to eat the roses, baby trees, go in the road, and are just giving us fits all the way around. Not to mention a full grown doe that is nursing her mother and nursing her own baby! This makes me mad... after all it's MY MILK! Not some goat who is bigger than her mother, and still nurses! ARGH!!!!!!

Well it's 7:13... time for me to get in gear and get things going... 


  1. Arggg.. . how frustrating!I hope everything gets resolved. . and those goats . . . pesky things sometime aren't they! :)

  2. Your telling me! :) and yes they are pesky... burn cute too! :)