Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's a little chilly here

Well the weather turned off a little chilly after Friday. Not much rain to speak of, mostly heavy sprinkles. But this AM seems rather chilly if you ask me, and it still does if you don't.

I'm wishing I could just go back to bed and get warm again... but on the flip side I'm glad for the cooler temps. The 80's for April is just a bit much. And so it is time again for chores. One morning once in a great while it would be nice to not have to go out and do my morning chores, just be able to putter and sew... oh well... that ain't gonna happen... sewing will be done during the "free" time. *smile*

And so I leave you with this... 
"The End..."


  1. I am crazy grateful for my Sunday mornings...short but much loved. It is cold here too...eighty is indeed too much but forty is a bit too far on the other end of the scale. Take care.

  2. Woke up and they said it was 47... I don't think so... back to frosting the next few days...

  3. I know exactly what you mean. I wish just once in awhile I could wake up and stay in my pj's and do whatever I wanted especially on the cold days.