Thursday, February 26, 2009

It makes me want to cry...

How people can be so So SO... I don't know. I never knew we were so hard to please. I guess we are just about the most horrible people out there, after all we just want to be able to live in our new home. Not to yet again be put off and delayed any longer.

I wish someone could explain it all. How can people call you "the WAVE" and then turn on you, wanting to push you into failing? I don't understand... but then I don't understand Christians who are like this. If anyone can explain I would be grateful! :)

Other news, we've had new babies around here. Daffy (H), White Tip (he's like a little shark), Trace (B), and a new heifer who's yet to be named. We are about to wrap up spring calving.

On a good happy note... the frogs are chirping!!! IT'S SPRING!!!!!! And almost a month earlier than last year. :) I'm happy.

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