Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's snowing...

It's cold, snowing, and the wind is blowing. Sigh... of sighs... I'm so not in the mood for snow and cold. I'm more in the mood for sun and warmth. On the bright side (one must always look there) this snow is good for the grass. It's like getting free fertilizer! I'll take it in moderation.

I learned a good bit about our Modular home today. I'm halfway in the thinking that we need someone other than this "new guy". At least they are being honest with me. Which is more than anyone else has been, or so it seems.

Nothing much else is going on here. My day has not gone as planned though. Oh well there is always tomorrow... Tomorrow, I'll luv ya, ta morrow it's only a day A WAY!!!! There ya have my ode to Annie! Read it an weep. Anyway I hope to be able to start on my new quilt TOMORROW. I had great plans for today but the day is gone and chores will begin in T-minus 5 minutes and counting.

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