Saturday, February 7, 2009

Yeah it's been a while...

Things on the farm-side have taken time over anything and everything else. I did manage to get the baby blankets cut and surged. Yippee Skippee for me!!! *patting myself on the back*

I've given up crocheting for the time being and am concentrating on learning to knit. I can do the knit stitch and purl stitch. I just can't get the whole knit one purl one ribbing. Like I'm really going to be making a sweater anytime soon. However, it has gotten me thinking about wool. And what is the carrier of wool? More than likely sheep! *BG* I've always wanted to try my hand at spinning. Of course that would take time and equipment. Plus buying the sheep since I happen to like lamb chops on the grill AND Lamb Italian sausage.

I just don't know if I'm up to the work of sheep again. This will take much thought and prayer.

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