Monday, March 30, 2009

Feeding the goats... And the taming of Tippee

Well it's about time to feed Viv and Vash. The little darlings have grown leaps and bounds. I would have more pics of them, however they love jerking away or running up when your just getting ready to press the button. ARGH...

Now for the taming of Tippee. Well to say the least one person "shy" is another persons "nutz". Tippee, our dear sweet (ROFL and gasping for breath... also speaking things as not as tho they be) French Alpine is in desperate need of taming. She is way more than shy and since the previous owners have lied to me and refuse to take her back, I'm determined to tame her. At least to the point I can catch her without having to put her in a small pen, then taking a panel and cornering her. Sigh... it's not wonder some people think so ill of those who have goats. I can now understand why. On the other side of the coin, I've met some very nice goat people. I'm sure it's just how things are with everything.

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