Monday, March 9, 2009

My new favorite blog.

Me oh My! I came across this blog while poking around all my bloggy haunts this AM. If you love cooking GO, if you don't love cooking GO! So many simple, yet tasty things to drool over.

It's been a slowly fast paced day.Vashti is on the way to her normal self. We had a scare yesterday that involved calling a vet in MN! Making several trips in order to find the right medicine (and in one instance asking a store to open up and in another going into the office and getting what I needed... I felt like a kid in a cady store... however I would have to pay for all I would get) for treatment and trying not to worry of the life of a sweet little white elf-eared baby goat. Yup... this is Paradise alright. (rolling my eyes)

I found out this AM that my grandmother is indeed going to be sued by the company where we bought our modular home from. I wonder if they are still praying for us now. How snotty of me is that, but after trying to get a proper foundation for this home to sit on they are now not going to set it. It's all about to wear me slick.

So besides all that I'm good... I think. As long as we don't get any rain and the tractor tire holds air and the calves all stay well... I could go on but won't, at least for the time being. :)

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  1. Ah, Sara, I'm sorry about the lawsuit. I'll keep praying that God brings justice to this situation.