Friday, June 5, 2009

And all that Jazz

49 degrees out... er was out... we are up to 53 now. What gives already? Sunny however, so that's a good thing. Rain isn't supposed to be moving in until Monday or so... I guess we'll see. There is a slight chance for tomorrow but they say it's to dry... I don't know... I'll just go with the flow.

Have you ever noticed when your really tired and just want to rest that there is ALWAYS a fly present to make one's life miserable? Yesterday I did try to rest a little... I'm guessing those two flies (who are currently with their maker) wanted to take a load off to, as I seemed to be the only place it was fun to land. HA I showed them didn't I?! :)

Good and Bad:

Good thing happened yesterday evening... I found a vets office that answered after hours! The vet seems super nice. I didn't make a person feel like a heal for wanting someone to look at a wee little boy goat.

Bad... that I needed a vet after hours. Fire (one of our little male goats) is at the present down at the office under observation. We are hoping and praying he can come home and not have to "leave" us. He's been such a trooper. So we are hopeful. I think... if he will just potty all will be well.

Well it's off for morning chores. I'm sure the masses think they are starving to death. :)

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