Monday, June 22, 2009

One part at a time...

One part at a time... That's how our tractor works... Today was cleaning out the big barn day... I'm sure we chose the HOTTEST day of the year to do it. To start off the tractor would run. Those blessed goats had chewed the wires apart. Thankfully Mr.B. came and fixed it for us!

Then I started hauling load after load of straw, hay, poo, water that has made mud underneath it all... thankfully Uncle Larry came to help with his little tractor. He can maneuver so much better than I can with our BIG one. *tiredly laughing* at that one. There is an oil leak on Aggie... I said it was motor oil and UL said it was hydraulic... Well today at 2:30ish PM June 22, 2009 I SARA was RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT,.... did I mention that I was right! HA :) the dip stick is missing. And who was the last person to check the oil in the tractor and say " you need to add oil"? UL :) so it wasn't me!

This however led to having to call the parts store for the part. Only to find out they don't carry Agco Allis parts anymore... SINCE WHEN????? Hopefully she said they could cross reference. And would you believe... I'm getting the ONLY dip stick they have at the main store? What are the odds you might ask... very good... I swear they never stock more than one part for our tractor EVER. Sometimes they don't even do that.

Once we had to get a new rim for the front tire. One had to be shipped from FL. Last year they had to over night a part from Chicago. I think it would have been cheaper for me to just run up there. Shipping was awful!

Well all it's been a long LONG day... and I'm heading off to take my second shower of the day. But here is a country/redneck/farmerette beauty tip:

Hot motor oil does WONDERS for the skin and hair... if you can ever scrub it off. Calgon take me away!!! :)

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  1. I sure can empathize...seems like something is always breaking just when you need it most and the parts are as far away as possible...and the oil! Alan got an oil bath at the tractor pull last week. don't think I will ever get his shirt clean...