Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Never Dull...

I really think that at some point I would like a dull and uneventful life. But then what do I know? Things seemed to be going fairly calm and normal yesterday, until about 4:45 yesterday afternoon.

Got a call from mom who is trying to finish up the bottom's bush hogging. Aggie had sprung a fuel leak... my cue to go get the gates open so she wouldn't have to stop. And would hopefully get get back up to the house. Thankfully she did make it with not much fuel to spare. And of course this means a trip (praying) to the parts store that's with in an hours drive and not their store that is over almost 2 hours or more from here and that is taking all the short cuts. Sigh... Why is it... or does it seem things only break down after the stores close for the evening?

In other breaking news... rain on the horizon again today. Hot and humid... July in Missouri... forecast high on Sat... 82? I'll believe that one when I see it.

I have a question... I've not totally read the entire article BUT I still have a question. IF the world total (I'm sure this excludes dairy) food supply is so low, why are prices still so cheap? Did you know that China produces half of the worlds pork? Off the subject in a way... but why does DFA a dairyman run co-op (LAUGHING, LAUGHING, LAUGHING) have 12 licenses to import products? Why would they want to lower their price (I know why they do but that's besides the point). Some days I just don't get it.

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