Saturday, August 8, 2009

Your Opinion

This is what happened. We are trying to sell some Steers and bulls. They weigh roughly about 500 pounds give or take.

This person who shall remain nameless came and wanted to buy 2 bull for himself to raise for meat and a friend of his also wanted to buy 2 steers. We had said fine and that the price would be .75 a pound. That seemed fine with him. So a few weeks later he comes back and says he would like to set up a time to come and get them. Fine and we did.

It was on the warmest day we had had in several weeks. Over 90 and him and his wife came at 6 in the evening to pick them up. Well they wanted choice over everything we had. Fine... we chase bulls and the few steers we have which happen to be half beef (We have 4 beef cows left over from our short run with beef cattle) Anyway they took the two beef steers and they had to have 2 of the black jerseys. Fine... he goes and weighs the first two. Comes back and they decide that they don't want one of the black ones they choose but another. ARGH!!! At this point I've gone off to start other chores since they have dealt with my grandmother and think of me as just a nothing.

So come to find out they leave without paying saying they will call back and find out the price and come the next day and bring two checks. We NEVER do business this way but we are in a rather bad need to sell these animals. He calls and since he got choice we decided on .85 a pound. I've never gone anywhere (to buy animals) and gotten choice over all without paying extra, and I was being a little snitty in the fact that this so and so didn't want some runt (Like I would sell a RUNT, I keep them myself! ARGHHHH). That was fine with him. He would be out the next morning with the checks. Fine and done.

Morning comes, he calls and the other person has decided it's to much and that the sale barn price is .65 for steers and .54 for bulls. So I tell him that they are not sale barn culls and that I would come down to .75. Or they could bring them back. He precedes to tell me they can't make money off them at that price, which was news to me as they were raising them for beef only 2 days prior. Anyway he brought them back (thankfully) But here is the kicker... market reports for last Saturdays sale were 1.10-1.27 for beef steers and .77-.99 for feeder bulls. HOLSTEIN steers were .65 (NOT WHAT MINE ARE) and slaughter bulls were .54-.99. (NOT WHAT MINE ARE).

SO was I wrong in not coming down and having them bring them back? I'm not the sale barn. If I wanted sale barn price I would send them there. Why is it people always think they should pay less if they are on the farm and not in a germ infested sale barn?

All in all I'm glad my babies are home. And I hope that Jerry K. and David B. find what they are looking for and get what they pay for.


  1. You were a sight more patient with them than I would have been and your price was not a bit unreasonable.

  2. I wouldn't have been nearly as patient. And I would have gotten the price settled BEFORE I chased cows all over the place.