Sunday, September 20, 2009

All in a days work...

Clouds had been slowly building all day. A sprinkle here... a few drops there. It's amazing how when your washing machine goes, and the oven in your stove goes (both on the same day BTW) and then the router for your wireless connection goes how things just seem to go haywire.

SO we finally have decided on the washing machine we are getting. It's a Samsung from Sears. GRRRR I tell you what these sales people are soooo frustrating. So I'm going to be writing Sears a letter. I mean, you tell people one price which is the sale price until yesterday, then when you go to get it, well that's not what is was, and the delivery is this much, but will be refunded... then no it's this much and it won't be refunded. On and ON and ON. And do they REALLY need sales people who are only able to sell you a washer or a stove? They are dag gum appliance's people?!?!

We haven't decided on a stove yet. The thought of more sales people just makes me want to crawl in a hole and cover my head. Why can't they just give a straight forward answer?

And to top off the week, the router went out. *sighing and shaking my head* So I started off by going and buying the stuff (note: I don't know what I'm doing, but I'm winging) install the first STUFF Friday night and have INTERNET again. YEE HAW!!! Next morning (yesterday) I go about setting up the desktop for wireless. The short version is... 7 tech support guys later, all of whom I could not understand and ditto with them. They FINALLY said that the adapter wasn't working right.! Praise the LORD! I had only spent 8 hours off and on... being hung up on, had my named missed spelled 7 times, given my phone number 7 times, told them the problem 7 times, and lost what is left of my noodle and no not 7 times... :) The funny thing is... when I set up the old router with the new router and adapter... it worked. There are just some things it's best to not to try and figure out. If you would try it would just give you a headache... trust me.

Otherwise yesterday went fairly well. UL came and put the tires on the trailer, fed Vashtie (moms not so little white goat) and bomb pop... she loves them!, did evening chores with it starting to sprinkle even more and ended them by loading a new baby calf in the truck.

SHE kicked, pooped on my (it was the sticky stuff that just oozes down ones leg) ON the bright side, it was raining and I found an old paper towel in the truck to wipe my leg off with. :) However I did manage to get it in my shoe, and all over my clothes. Finished by feeding the calves their evening bottles outside in the rain. Getting wet and cold. Put at least Polly... :) is in the barn and warm.

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