Tuesday, October 27, 2009


OK, I'll say it. I'M NOT a fan of the CWT. It's not helping (OH forgive me according to Scoot Brown they have... a WHOLE whopping $0.66 per hundred. WOW and I thought it was because the GUVment was forcing the processors to pay more by bumping up the cheese prices).

THIS article made me mad, a little sick, and I wanted to cry. Good for me my tears are dried up for the moment. What gets me is the this journalist focused on the cow numbers. What about where most of the farms came from in this last go around? UMMM East of the Mississippi.  Oh well... why fight it...


  1. What makes me maddest is a sad truth I heard twice at farm meetings lately....we can kill 60000 cows one week and the next import 50000 from Canada. It is happening and I can't believe people don't dump the coop leadership that stays behind this outrageous program!

  2. I hear ya!!!! But the thing in how are "THEY" going to make any money. It was the best thing going when the borders were closed. No offense towards our Northern neighbors.

  3. Couldn't agree more. When the borders were closed we actually made enough money to survive. Alas it was pretty awful for their farmers.

    Would you believe the word verification is "cowdu"? Add a couple of letters on the end and you have my opinion of CWT. LOL