Saturday, October 24, 2009

Can cheese go bad?

My inquiring mind wants to know!

You see, mom, me, myself, and I went up to Tunas the other day. They had organic butter for 1.50 a pound if you bought a case. Which BTW is 15 pounds. So we bought one for us and picked up one for UL & AL. While there I also got some deli meat (two kinds of ham... how many ways can you smoke/cure a ham?) and some cheese sliced. OK so the marble (co-jack...mmmmmmmmm) was delicious and I think is gone. The cheddar, umm well I was the first one to take a taste... I was eating it with some pork rinds... (really a good combo... or peanut butter... OH stop!!! it's really good!)

Anyway something was off, so I tried a pork rind by it's self... nope it was fine. Tried the cheese...ick... so I tried another slice... ick again. Called over to mom "MOM would you taste this cheese?" her response was "Is it icky, because if it is I don't want to try it." me "I don't know if it's me or the cheese, please would you just try it?". She comes over to my little corner of the world, tries, makes a face and says "ick".

SO the Ick's have, I wonder if the dogs will like it? I've got a whole pound waiting for them to try. Now if they say  ICK  I KNOW I'm living in the Twilight Zone... *cue music*

Hopefully that song will be playing in you mind for a little while :)

It's Saturday y'all... the sun is trying to shine. I slept, I read my morning blog post, got my Mafia and Special Forces set for the day (Facebook users will understand... those who aren't on FB it's for us to know and you to find out!), and I'm in a weird mood today. And it's early yet... egads!!! The combination of sleep, clean hair, warm socks, unstuffy nose, and sunshine must be TOOOOO much for my psyche to handle. :) 


  1. Wow, thanks for the link....alas I came in from chores, rainy day, house not too messy, time to waste...and my Facebook account is "down for maintenance"! I wanted to hunt mice, catch fish and do all my Mafia stuff and now I have to go be productive instead. What is the world coming to!!!

  2. Never heard of icky cheddar. We always used to just scrape off the mold and chow down. :)