Monday, October 12, 2009


My days always seem to start the same way, NO I'm not complaining, just stating the facts. I get up do my "thang" with FaceBook, check out my favorite blogs, get dressed, go out and the day begins. Or rather goes something like this:

Step out the door, go around the sleeping Kody (somehow even though he's deaf, he always manages to wake up). Then it's Kody NO, Kody I need to walk here, KODY PLEASE! Yes I love you too, now can I PLEASE walk so I can get to the barn?! Enter Annaliese "MOO MOOOOOOO MOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" I'm coming A (sorry not typing that name out over and over), Shut up A.  I mean it, if you do not shut that trap I'm going to hurt you, SHUT UP I"M COMING!!!!
Enter the goats, 12 at least little ones going " naaa naa naa naa" I'm coming babies, honest I am, Kody don't, A I'm coming. Next it's the cats, "Meow, meowwwww, MEOOOOOWWWWWWW"

So then it's "get out of the way, how can I feed you if your right there?!, A I'm coming. Babies, I know your hungry after all it's been a whole 10 hours since you were last fed. KODY leave that baby alone, now I mean it! (yes I tend to yell at a deaf dog... what of it?!). Now it's the baby calves time to chime into the madness.

And it goes something like this: A. if you don't stop I'm going to hurt you and I mean that, cats, I do declare if you do NOT get out of my way!!!!, baby calves, MOVE... would you just PLEASE move out of the way so I can walk, KODY!!!!!! ARGH!!!, goats... if you do NOT stay out of that grain I will hit (not to worry, I can't even get close... it's just hollow threats on my part), kids.... yes I KNOWWWW your hungry, I'm coming I promise, A. SHUT UP!!!!!...

By this time I've check out all the tails on the bottoms of little calves to see who gets milk or who needs meds and electrolytes. I retreat to the milk barn to pour up and start warming bottles for...16 bottle babies. Then it's back to the barn for round one of feeding calves. While there I feed the goats and water. Back to the barn for round 2 of bottles and to pour up more. I only have so many bottles and so many nipples.

Back in the now the calves have really come alive.... "Stop it, would you please just stop it, ALRIGHT that's does it! the next one to butt me in the backside is going to get it, I mean it! Your hurting me... would you not bite me. HELP!!!!!! I make my escape back TO the MB for the final round of bottles. And wonder what gross thing Kody and Ranger have now found, and are munching on. Get grain so A. and that bunch will be silent for a few moments. I can tell ya, A is not taking weaning well... I hope my sanity lasts longer than her incessant mooing...

Close up shop until evening... And go through it all over again.


  1. What a morning! We have a couple of pens of calves that will not shut up until fed. Such a pain when we want to catch them in the headlocks...later....and they want their grain NOW.

  2. It can really test a persons sanity... I went out to video her this morning and would you believe she was halfway quiet for her. :)

  3. And I thought I had it bad with one noisy dog and three little kitties!