Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fall canning and a small vent...

OK, it's been a day. Mom is canning chili beans today. SOOOOOOO much better than the store kind. I'll be posting the recipe later on. Anyway, I helped... :) I filled all 31 qts with the kidney beans. Yes you read that right, 31 qts.  Divide that by 7 and that's 4 canner's full plus 4. 

Next weekend I'll be canning chicken, chicken noodle soup, chicken stock. I'm going to be sick of chicken by Sunday. We'll also be canning some beef. At least it's one way to get the kitchen warm. 

OK on to my tiny little rant.

Here it is... I had these darling little bull calves. So I posted them on Craigslist because they were driving me batty! ARGH... Anyway, this guy replies and I call him and he says he'll take them. Fine and dandy... Well I had to run to town, so I told the family what the deal was and NOT to let them go with out cash. He was getting a dag gum good deal here. And I needed them gone... 5 less bottle twice a day, that's 5 gallons more milk in the tank everyday! woo hoo!!!!! It's a good woo hoo, not a sarcastic one. :)

I get home, he's here, I go out, mom is with him. Finally he says... well one of them gots scours, I told him he was fine this morning. He wanted me to take less, I said NO. That I had several other people who wanted them if he didn't and that he could take 4 at $85 each if he didn't want to take the one who he said was sick, or he didn't have to take any of them. It didn't make any difference to me. He decided to take the five at $325.00. I said a few other things also... but I'm going to keep this short if at all possible for me.

NOW this is a person who said "I KNOW cattle I've been around em my whole life." Beware of the MAN who says this. I just inwardly rolled my eyes. This showed when one baby calf jumped the same 18" piece of wood and got out 3 times. NOW me being me...I just let him keep doing this. AFTER all he KNEW cattle. I did have pity on the calf and closed the CATTLE PANEL that was 3' from the back of his trailer, funny thing is it stopped him, so we finally caught him. To top it off this guy was a *shudder* contractor!!!!!!!!!!!  A know it all contractor, "farmer", handy man, ... ugh...... I told him what all MY babies had  had. I won't miss the little fellers, mom on the other hand won't miss them, but feels sorry for them. ME I just don't want to be stuck with 20 BULLS like I was this year.  OH and has anyone EVER heard of "cutting" baby bull calves the day they are born? I think that's awful! It's it stress enough to be born then to have someone come and do that. Egads! I think that's awful, besides and not to be gross, but what are the dogs going to gorge themselves on in the Spring?! :)

I think this year, rather than being a disgruntled dairy farmer for Halloween, I'm going to be a contractor... after all I have a truck and a cell phone and I can bluff (or learn to... really I'm learning from the best, what with as many awful contractors I've come across) . That's scary isn't it. :)  

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