Friday, October 23, 2009

The Homeless...

As I was reading this blog post, that I found from this blog. It started me thinking. I've never really came across a homeless person, in person. I've seen them, wondered about them and their lives. How things and life got them to where they are.Begging for money, food, etc.

There are those I've truly wondered about their sanity, and this is a good reason I keep out from a certain part in Springfield. When you see a person carrying on a conversation with no one and a dagger in their belt (not I'm not exaggerating)... umm that tends to scare me. Sorry just being honest.

Then I think of those who are taking advantage of the system, those that know how to "WORK" the system, then to those innocent little kids who I'm sure are cold, hungry, scared. I read some where the the homeless children out number homeless adults in this country.

Then this leads me to those who aren't homeless but have no money for food and the only way some children have a meal is at school. There is a school in Springfield that is now sending food home with these little kiddo's so they have food over the weekend. And wonder of wonder they are starting to learn, not being disruptive, and are healthier.

This then leads my mind to, why is food the first thing people cut back on when the money is tight. We wouldn't want to give up our fancy car for something that takes less gas, and money for insurance. We can't give up our entertainment money. But we will cut out cooking and buy frozen dinners. And when you think about it, how many people really COOK? I mean cook, not water and a mix then pour it up, or take out.

Why there isn't more out there to help people before they get to that point. And how do these CEO's of big companies that have shipped jobs overseas for their own gain, those mortgage companies that toss people out , the let the homes sit empty and going to pot.  How do these people sleep at night? And how do the attorneys for them sleep also? How do they justify things? If I hear one more person trying to say it's JUST business, it's not personal. ARGH... how do you tell little children this???

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